Thursday, March 1, 2012

A compilation...

of the Murphy's Law in relation to parenting.

I have witnessed plenty of my friends' experience these and figured I might as well do some further research and get prepared for the ride ahead.

  1. No matter how long the journey (10mins or 1hr), bub will always crash out for sleep five minutes before you reach your destination
  2. Bub will always poo the minute you put him in a clean nappy.
  3. The same goes for throwing up on a clean outfit (yours or his) or the minute you remove a bib.
  4. If you have somewhere to be, bub will decide to take an out of ordinary extra long nap, meaning you have to wake him up. When you have nowhere to be, bub decides half-an-hour is nap more than enough.
  5. You will most need a change of clothes for you, the baby or both on the day you don't have a change packed.
  6. When you visit a public health nurse, or if one comes to your house, bubs will refuse to repeat any of the troublesome or fussy behaviours he exhibits in the absence of a nurse, and that you’ve just complained to the nurse about. He will not scream. He will not cry. He will feed perfectly. That’s because the baby has Nurse-dar.
  7. No matter how many things you pack in your baby bag, you are guaranteed to forget the one thing you need most
  8. The later you stay up at night, the earlier your child will rise
  9. You will spend hours researching the best, most educational, safest toys for your children only to find they would rather play with your Tupperware and pans
  10. Bub will wake up as soon as dinner is served
  11. The more you want to go to a party/dinner/wedding, the harder it will be to find a babysitter
  12. A smiling happy bub will disappear as soon as the camera comes out
  13. The doorbell/phone/smoke alarm will sound just as you finally get bub to sleep
  14. In the time it takes you to clean any given area in your house, your child can destroy a space three times that size in another room.

And remember… children don’t sleep… they recharge

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  1. Very good!
    No. 4 here ATM! And I hate having to wake A from her sleep. Left it till the last minute today before swimming and she woke just in time!!! Always makes it easier when she wakes herself.