Thursday, February 16, 2012

What would MacGyver do...

if he was landed with a newborn?

Here is a book my mum bought S for Christmas and let me tell you, its pretty hilarious but also full of some pretty great advice in funny succinct terms...

This is actually pretty basic but practical if you are paranoid about dropping the bub in the tub.

I think I would pay good money to be entertained by S doing this.

Not quite the playpen's intended purpose but effective all the same.

We actually have one of these in our kitchen for baby S.

Makes sense.

As adventurous as my dear husband is, he didn't exactly jump with excitement when I emailed him the latest 2 for 1 Jetstar sale for Japan with a little message 'Keen to take a newborn to Japan in July? Only $500 each return - FW: Japan 2 for 1 Sale!'. The reply went something like '...maybe this is a little ambitious babe and we should try for next year with a one year old rather than a two week old.' There isn't really a comeback on that ...

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  1. Just letting you know I absolutely STALK your Japan posts for my upcoming trip! Lol. I need some deer time in Nara (i have been warned re the crackers!)
    You have been awarded a little something over on my blog, if you are interested pop on over!