Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I have been buying (for me not bub)

Lovable lounging pants - $19.95 from $59.95

Lovable Zoe sleep maternity tank - $14.96 from $39.95

Lovable seamless nursing tank - $14.95 from $59.95

Trenery dress - $20
- actually more tailored on and has proven perfect for work with my growing belly... its a size 10 though so fingers crossed I can get another month out of it

Rockmans colour block dress - this caught my eye on the Pacific Fair facebook site and I can't lie, I was surprised to read it was a Rockmans dress... its not a place I usually look but this dress goes to show that you just never know

Sportscraft cardi - a bargain by off ebay (15) and new without tags.
Should be perfect to dress up my singlet and black maxi combo along with a few other plain sets as I'm outgrowing everything else at a rapid rate.


  1. Loving the Loveable singlets! They look so comfy, I need bfing things! What a bargain too. Please tell me you bought them online??

  2. They were in store at Trade Secret Burleigh Waters sorry Reezy. Not sure if you have a store near you or if they do phone orders. Happy to do a CP otherwise if you need it :)

  3. Hey wow! The Rockmans dress! I really like the look of that...