Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a difference a week makes

Thank you for all of your comments and congratulations on our baby boy :)

Let me tell you, bubba is already spoilt beyond belief and has accumulated quite a lot of stuff in the past week... particularly from his already doting grandmother (my mum).

Here is a small preview:

Clothes and shoes in various sizes from 00000 to 000 - S doesn't believe bubba might actually be small enough to wear the 00000.

Bibs, monitor, electric thermometer, toothbrushes, socks, mittens...

Assorted toys for the pram, bassinet, floor, teething, carseat...

Blankets, towels, sheets, bunny rugs, swaddles, wraps, lambskins, mattress protectors, headrests, bathing and moisturising products, muslin washers, spit up towels...

Car seats, mobiles, bouncer, playmat, bath tub, nappies, bottles & steriliser & warmer, swing etc...

From daddy... an assortment of Nike jumpsuits and shoes...

These pics don't even include the cot, bassinet, change table, pram, and decorative manchester set we have decided on and our home is already overflowing with baby paraphernalia.


  1. WOW..! I thought I was organised. You've put me to shame!!

  2. Not me Reezy ... my mum! :)
    Scary thing is, I'm only half way at 20 weeks so I think this is just the beginning!

  3. Jeepers creepers! Your done! What more do you need!!!!
    How exciting that your mum gets to shop for a little boy and girl!!!!

    Mum's (Grandmothers) are supposed to buy up big like this! It's an instinct! This is what they do! Take it from me! I know!!!

  4. Tell me about it Sammie :)
    We are definitely blessed to be so spoilt by mum.