Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tokyo part 2

The Government building - there is a free viewing deck up top. S loves heights and was desperate to visit this one and see Tokyo before dark. I think the platform was 50 or 56 stories high and I was adamant that I was staying in the lobby while S went up but in the end decide to hell with it.
So many skyscrapers for one little island.
Nightfall coming in - this is looking out to the Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower.
Such a dense city - every inch is built on.
Another very rare clear day allowed us another rare view of Mount Fuji from Tokyo.
Evidence of March 2011 earthquake in the Harajuku district.

Downtown/main street Harajuku.

Shibuya - graet for shopping and people watching but S of course didn't spare me enough time before our J League game to look around properly.
The busiest (and most famous) crossing in the world - Shibuya.
S extra large JD & Dry served at Hub (an english chain of pubs throughout Japan) - it became a favourite of ours for a few drinks at happy hour.
A true Japanese dinner with sake - no one in the restaurant spoke any english and there were no english menus so lots of sign language and gibberish led to a dinner of fish, vegetable, dim sim and tempura.

We were pretty proud of our efforts to navigate a locals restaurant and still manage to eat.

Downtown Shinjuku.. its ridiculously easy to get lost as we kept finding out.
More Shinjuku by night - we stayed in Shinjuku (the Sunroute Plaza) and explored the area most nights for restaurants, bars and karaoke.

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