Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper or Clocks?

My (our) first wedding anniversary is looming ... sounds awful when said like that but it feels like it is hovering over me threateningly with the pressure to come up with the perfect way to celebrate it. I still can't believe our wedding was almost a year ago!

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is something of paper and the modern gift is a clock.

The husband already has a few watches and I know he would love more but I really wanted to come up with any experience the two of us can share and this is proving harder than I thought.

The Socceroos are playing a World Cup qualifier... perfect I thought until research showed it is a mid-week game in Victoria. A mini cruise out of Brisbane with P & O sounded ideal... but its not till July and by then we will have a tiny newborn... not really a cruising appropriate accessory at that age I think. A night at Seaworld Nara with park entry ... booked out for that particular weekend. A weekend in Melbourne as S has never been ... probably more fun when I'm not pregnant and so tired all the time. See, it's not easy.

I'm now considering a night (or two) on the Sunshine Coast and a day at Australia Zoo but not sure if this is 'special' enough and how I want to spend our anniversary.

What did you do for your first wedding anniversary as I clearly need all the help I can get!?

Happy Valentines Day by the way... did you do or receive anything special? I'm not really one for the Hallmark holiday but I did wear red today and S and I are off to the movies tonight to see This Means War - V Day is the only excuse that will ever allow me to drag him to a Reese W movie.


  1. OMG SNAP! Our wedding anniversary is coming up next week, the 21st. 3 years!

    I've just now been surfing the net to come up with something original!! I'm thinking a bus scroll of all the places we've travelled. Waiting to hear back from this Etsy seller in Melbs:

    For our first year, we agreed on no gifts and went back to our reception place for dinner. It was really lovely.

    I feel like my gifts to Daniel are getting quite stale & repetitive :((

  2. Happy Anniversary :-)

    For our first anniversary we bought a new house; paper = contracts haha! No money left after that to do anything else!

    What about tickets (paper!) to the theatre or some kind of show? Or the first edition (or special) of a book he loves?

  3. Thank you lovelies for the congratulations and ideas. A new house would be great but that's next year but am going to checkout Etsy now...thanks for the reminder Reezy :)