Monday, February 13, 2012

My weekend rounded out

Again with no pics... I am a useless blogger I know so apologies here but this is what I got up to if you're interested:

- My little brother came over to keep me company & watch Immortals on Friday night as S downloaded it for me weeks ago but has refused to watch it– a bit gory (and I am a wimp so there were lots of peeking through my fingers moments) but a good movie in the vein of the 300 and some hints of Clash of the Titans if you are into Greek/Roman mythology (which J & I are and S refuses to indulge me in)

- We (my family and I) held a highly successful campaign launch for my dad on Saturday morning – we put on a sausage sizzle and got lots of attention from people walking and driving by

- Attended a last minute BBQ dinner with friends & their little ones Saturday night that ended up finishing at 11pm – we were just having too much fun hanging out and talking over every subject imaginable

- I got to have a desperately needed sleep in Sunday then off to Coolangatta for burgers and a stroll around the markets – I learnt once again that S is a waste of time to take to markets as he walks too quickly through them and doesn’t stroll to look at things

- A quick visit to Pacific Fair meant I got to spend a credit I had at Kids Central on a summer onesie and the most adorable little striped shorts and tee set for bubba - I wanted a preppy little cardi, polo and cargo set but S just wasn't too keen (will have to go back and buy it when he's not with me)

- We paid a visit to Ferry Road Markets for fruit and meat that threw Frugal February intentions right out the window – we are talking $70 for 2 pieces of eye fillet, 3 gourmet sausages, 500g nutty rump stirfry, 3 angus burger patties, 4 white nectarines, 3 yellow nectarines, 3 peaches, raspberries, some grapes & a watermelon – I know, highway robbery but their stock is just too tempting to resist!

- A hot humid afternoon and night with a coming storm meant we spent from 4pm onwards in the air con with microwave popcorn watching the Bourne Trilogy in its entirety – cant wait till the Bourne Legacy comes out in August

I know, such an exciting life I lead. What did you get up to on the weekend?

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