Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My first award

... in the online community - at least I'm pretty sure it is.

Moving forward, Cindy from (check it out if you don't follow already) has very kindly awarded me

So the award requires me to share 7 random things about myself... here goes

1. I am a Queens Scout ... it took me about three years to complete in my mid-teens and is the highest award given in the Scouting organisation. No one believes me when I tell them I was a Scout or the District Chairperson in Scouting, apparently it doesn't reconcile easily with the rest of me.

2. I am an Australian and World champion in Inflatable Rescue Boat racing for Surf Life Saving... I have the scars to prove it including a nice one near my temple where I cracked my face open when a motor landed on it (the boat flipped in the surf and landed on me). Don't worry, I clearly lived to tell the tale. Again, apparently it doesn't reconcile easily with the rest of me.

3. One of my favourite after school snacks was fresh white bread with butter and vegemite, microwaved for 25 seconds - not sure how this was even thought up or by who but it was delicious. We'll save the other (much weirder) snack for a different time I think.

4. I don't own a hairdryer or any kind of hair products apart from shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment ... not even hairspray. I have used Pantene religiously since I was 13 and colour my hair every few years when I remember. My hairdresser tells me I have the best softest silkiest hair of anyone she knows - she may tell all her clients this though.

5. I won't eat bread if its not fresh baked that day my only exception is that up to 3 day old bread may be toasted. I also have superpowers at detecting if bread of any kind is more than one day old... my mum has learnt not to bother trying to trick me anymore as she always gets caught out.

6. I went stair surfing the night before my wedding and badly twisted my ankle - really, I was lucky not to break my neck. Unfortunately I'm a sucker for peer-pressure from my (younger crazier) siblings but hey, no one knew about the sore ankle - I sucked it up and wore my heels all day with no complaint (could be that I was floating in a champagne bubble but that's beside the point).

7. I examine every bite of food before putting it in my mouth... its a bad habit but I am a ridiculously fussy eater - something about certain textures in my mouth, especially fat of any kind put me off an entire meal. It drives my mum crazy as won't eat anything with a bone in it either (chicken drumsticks no way).

Well they're certainly random facts... not too boring though I hope.

I get so much enjoyment (and procrastination) out of reading blogs and I am awarding the following as Versatile Blogs:

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... and anyone else who would like to share some randomness about themselves

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  1. OMG, that is very random Cindy! Where did you do yours? x

  2. Thank you for the award!

    I have the same bread issues!

    SSG xxx

  3. I'll do this sometime over the weekend!
    I have a very important post to do tomorrow!!!