Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living Textiles & Nursery Decoration

There are so many options for nursery decor and I seem to change my mind everytime I see something new... not good as the husband likes to decide something and write it in stone (you may recall the 5 or 6 mind changes on our wedding cake which ended up leading to husband saying the day before the wedding... 'OMG we don't have a wedding cake, what are we going to do?' Of course we had a cake, he had just tuned out after the third brilliant idea I had - cheese tower to cake to macarons to cupcakes to traditional wedding cake).

So after finding out bubba's sex, I spent the weekend shopping. First with my mum on Saturday for paint, curtain and other decor options whereby we agreed that blue and white with a touch of silvery grey was the perfect colour scheme.

So on Sunday I set out to drag S from store to store to inspect my finds and we made our weekend pilgrimage to Baby Bunting (and let me pause to give the Helensvale store enormous snaps for their superior customer service... they could not be more helpful or accommodating) to look at yet more baby paraphernalia and pick up our cot, change table, bassinet and other bits.

The husband spotted this nursery set and all my hard work and research from Saturday went out the window - I thought it was perfect for bubba's room...

Living Textiles Hopscotch if you are wondering... anyway, S didn't like that the monkey was featured enough (go figure) and spotted this set...

Living Textiles Baboo ... I liked it well enough but thought it was a little bland and neutral considering we knew we were having a boy. We ended up lay-buying it though (the WHOLE set including lamp, bumpers, mobile, decals etc) as S was quite insistent on this one - lay-by is my best friend now as it means I don't have to store more baby stuff till I need it.

So resigned to redoing the whole nursery in my head, I did some googling Sunday night and discovered two other themes of Living Textiles that I didn't see in store...

Casey's ABCs

and Playdate

I love that both are more colourful than Baboo and if I had to choose, I like the Casey's ABCs the best. So I set about putting my case to S that we should choose one of these two and see if Baby Bunting would swap over the set. I subtly pushed the blue set but S went straight for Playdate (I think the guy has something against pale blue that's tied up in his dislike of Man City) and honestly, rather than argue, I accepted as I really am happy with either.

Baby Bunting was more than happy to allow me to be a pain and swap our lay-by and bubba will now have a nursery themed in blue, green and browns/yellow.

Which set would you have chosen?


  1. Naaw it's adorable! I think I would have chosen Playdate as well <3

    .. I don't mean to sound like a party pooper but I've been reading up on SIDS lately and they pretty much say no to bumpers. Mainly because it restricts the air flow in the cot etc. just wanted to pass that on x

  2. Thanks Reezy, I think its pretty cute to and I love the bright colours :)
    I'm with you on the SIDs/bumpers ... they will be for display on the cot while bubba is in the bassinet then removed altogether until he is bigger.

  3. I thought you'd be all over it hun x

  4. I really like what you have chosen. I like the softness of the blue. and could easily work for a girl too! So if/when you decide to have another bubba and if you have a girl it could work for them too!
    We have a few Living Textiles sheets for Abi and they wash really well... You will need many a fitted sheet!

  5. We've got some of the Playdate range in our bubba's nursery - the cot skirt and curtain valance. I love the rug and valance too, but Mr Polly was dragging me out of the store by this point!! Can't wait to see your nursery all decorated :)

  6. I really like the playdate range it's adorable :) just wondering where you got the rug from, i've searched high and low and no one seems to have it :( I have everything else for that range and would love to finish it off with the rug...