Monday, February 27, 2012

The Japan posts are still coming - Tokyo part 1

VERY RARE view of Mount Fuji from Obaida (man-made islands) between the buildings at sunset. Apparently you never see this view anymore due to smog etc and the locals were going just as crazy as us photographing it.
Tokyo's very own Statue of Liberty at Obaida.
City view from our cruise of Tokyo Bay.
Cruising Tokyo Bay at Sunset with S.

The man-made beach at Obaida with wake boarding!

Chilling out in the sunshine at Obaida on the beachfront.
At Obaida (man made islands and beach) looking back to Tokyo - this place is a must visit for a chilled out day.

View from the front of the monorail through the skyscraper district on the way to Obaida (man made islands).
The Imperial Gardens reminds me a lot of Central Park. A lush greenspace in the heart of a huge city.
The Imperial Gardens - beautiful for a stroll and absolutely huge. A little boring though so only go here if you have lots of time.

Downtown Roppongi (Financial district/ very Americanised) heading towards the Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower was so big we couldn't get it in one shot from here

Completely petrified - me looking out at the view from the first viewing deck. I refused to go up any further but S did and loved it. I told him he was lucky to get me off the ground and up any heights given our previous Tokyo visit!

S standing on the clear viewing platform ... no thank you!

A Crazy Clarks type store in Roppongi.

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  1. The gardens below Tokyo Tower is where we exchanged our vows and rings!

    Your photos are making me very itchy to get back there - looks like you had a wonderful time 2nd time around!