Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photos from my weekend

A present to bubba from daddy - S has a new obsession with buying the baby Nike gear from the US. This is the fourth Nike onesie so far.

Saturday morning's breakfast for me...pancakes (I know, they look more like pikelets).
I realised while cooking them that I haven't cooked or even eaten pancakes since June 2008.
My very dear poppy passed away in June 2008 and in the few years before his death, it was our little ritual to have a 'pancake party' on a weekend every few weeks where I would come round and we would have a little catchup while he cooked pancakes.
I guess I just haven't wanted to have pancakes without him till now.

A gorgeous poster I found on Etsy by GraceHarper for bubba's room - will have a green or pale blue background to suit our colour scheme though. (I am in love with all the posters available though - just need a bigger home so I can buy them all).

Lunch with a view... our plans for Sunday were scrapped last minute so we decided to
head out for lunch with S' parents to Mount Tamborine. It wasn't any cooler in the mountains
let me tell you but we did have a lovely time strolling the main street
and lunching at the micro brewery there.

Drinks at the micro-brewery.
S struggled with his first beer after spending the previous night at the pub with the boys much to my amusement - he does not cope well with hangovers at the best of times and Sunday was no different. One thing I do love about pregnancy is waking up every day and knowing there will be no hangover or impending headache to cope with :)

Bubba's First Manchester United teddy bear all the way from friend's in England.
Bubba's team was predetermined before conception even by his daddy, grandfather and great grandfather... hope he doesn't rock the boat and choose another team when he's older as I'm not sure that will go down well :)

Not that bubba needs any more clothes but another gorgeous jumpsuit gifted.

Bubba's first swimsuit and matching hat from.

Don't judge me but I ate two minute noodles for dinner on Sunday night... and I enjoyed them!
I know, I don't even know who I am anymore either.

The best (and most unhealthy) way to eat two minute noodles is by draining them when cooked & stirring in a little butter with the seasoning. Absolutely no nutritional value in that entire bowl but it was yummy.

Ended the weekend watching The Adjustment Bureau in bed... love Emily Blunt and quite enjoyed this movie.


  1. Love the poster for the baby!
    Sad pancake story, but something made you want them. It's like your grandpa was congratulating you on your bubba boy.

  2. Thanks Sammie :)
    There is the most gorgeous girl's version of the poster with 'host a tea party' and 'play dressups'. They are less than $30 and are from Melbourne if you want me to send you more details. x

  3. Love all this stuff!
    You will have to start posting belly progress shots!