Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deer everywhere ... a day trip to Nara

Still posting pics from our October Japan trip...

These are from a day trip out of Kyoto to Nara. It wasn't on my must do list, more of a if we have time we'll do it type plan but I will be forever glad we did as we had a fantastic day exploring and the city is just lovely to tour on foot with lots to see.

There are deer everywhere - they roam free around the city and you can buy deer crackers to feed them but be warned, you quickly get swarmed if you have crackers.

Hundreds of stone lanterns light the way through a gorgeous forest to the temple

A quaint little restaurant on the fringes of the forest

The buddha's companion

The World's biggest Buddha - this pic was taken from 10 metres away and its ginourmous.

The building that houses the Buddha - oh, and my makeup free face (cringe)

Traffic stopping to allow the deer to cross - we were amazed!

S getting mobbed for deer crackers.

Lunch at a makeshift/pop up restaurant in the park
Another temple building
A pagoda built by the Empress in the 14th (maybe 13th) century

Lots and lots of stairs to the temple :(
Temple amongst shops on the main street

The main street of Nara - you have to walk all the way to the top of it to get to the sites but its a nice walk with lots to look at.


  1. Feeding the deer was one of my favourite parts of the trip to Nara!

    SSG xxx

  2. Just beautiful!
    I would have been a little scared standing in the middle of those deer..

  3. Lovely photos. I really really want to go to Japan, it looks amazing.

  4. The deer were my favourite part too but really freaked me out... some of them were pretty aggressive. S had to separate a little one for me to feed and then it nipped me and then I got mobbed and had to get rescued by S... fun times :)

  5. I am so ridiculously excited about the deer at Nara!