Sunday, February 26, 2012

And so it returns...

that dreaded tropical flu is back and kicking my butt again. The fun part of course being that the strongest treatment I can take is a Lemsip sachet with hot water before bed so I'm back to being close friends with my vitamin C, OJ, cranberry juice, bed, vicks and saltwater nasal spray again.

As a result, my weekend has been pretty low-key. I was supposed to catch up with a girlfriend to watch Crazy Stupid Love but had to cancel on her as she and her little ones were sick last week with gastro so didn't want to risk sharing the flu with them too. Instead my Friday night was spent rugged up on the lounge watching Hart of Dixie eps.

It completely poured rain here all day so I did some campaigning for dad on Saturday morning with some positive results (and only one crazy person cornered us), grocery shopped (and some sneaky clothes shopping) and hung out with my dad watching a Top 100 Divas countdown on cable for the afternoon - I know, I'm exciting :)

S took pity on me when he got home from work and took me out for dinner at a local teppanyaki place just to get me out of the house. It was packed but luckily they could seat us - the large group queuing before us weren't so lucky and were disappointingly rude when told there would be a wait... words were exchanged along the lines of 'fine dont take our money' and 'well we wont bother coming here again'. The staff were very nice about it all IMO and honestly, what do you expect on a Saturday night with a group of 6+ and no booking.

Today was still feeling pretty average so I had a huge sleep in and then enjoyed a surprise visit from my sis and her husband - she popped in to raid my pre-pregnancy work wardrobe for Cue dresses to take with her on a work trip this week. The lucky girl... her work trip is in Canberra as she works for a local Federal MP so his office staff rotate trips to Canberra accompanying him when parliament is sitting. This just happened to be her rostered week and being the political nerds we both are, she is pretty excited to be onsite with tomorrow's big vote happening. She has already planned where and how to maximise her information access and sources tomorrow and will be in touch to give me the lowdown as it unfolds on the scene.

Following a lengthy discussion of the Respill debacle and just how well it is working out for the LNP, we debated whether or not Rudd has the numbers to win the leadership (we believe this is now possible given Albo's shift yesterday) and how although we aren't and never will be Rudd fans, as Aussies and from a non-political standpoint, we do wish to give him a bit of a pat on the back and say good for you - after what that party did to him, he got the last laugh and he has won either way... he will either get the leadership or decimate the party but either way you look at it, he wins. We also discussed whether a third person will throw their hat in the ring for tomorrow's ballot. There ensued another debate and we agreed Crean is a definite possibilty. lets face it, Shorten is too obvious and is the master manipulator biding his time for the leadership. It would be too obvious for him to come out now, we think he's going to wait till the results of the next election before making his bid. Any thoughts on this?

Love talking with my sis on politics as we are both equally interest and she is just so stimulating to discuss with - she should be with a double degree in Law and Politics.

Not willing to waste the whole day on my sickbed, I insisted S find something for use to do and thats how our afternoon ended at the movies watching Contraband. If its not on your list to see, add it! I didn't really know what it was about, just that it had Marky Mark starring (Mark Wahlberg for those too young to understand the reference). Let me start by saying, Mark W is grossly underrated as an actor in my humble opinion and I had forgotten how much I enjoy his movies... he's great in a comedy or an action. Contraband is a gritty action movie set in New Orleans around international smuggling and there are quite a few twists and turns (one big one I picked up on pretty quick to S' amazement but I think that's because I just have a very suspicious mind naturally). It had me on the edge a few times and i was genuinely cheering for him ad his crew by the end and hoping the bad guy got a bullet. It all wraps up very neatly and was a satisfying and entertaining movie - bubba even thought so as he kicked nonstop for the first hour at least.

What was your weekend all about?

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