Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Reading...

Sad to say, its nothing juicy like my usual Jackie Collins and Mary Higgins Clark still doesn't have anything new out so ... drumroll please... mostly parenting and pregnancy related literature.

Up the Duff

A 'must read' for all pregnant women or so I'm told. A gift from a girlfriend for Christmas, I'm reading it week by week at each milestone eg. I'm 17 weeks and reading week 17 now. Its entertaining and mildly informative but I am a Type A personality (apparently) that needs to know the ins and outs of everything and this book is just not cutting it with information overload I require. I know some people don't want to know every detail or possibility of pregnancy for their own sanity but I'm just not one of them.


A book my mother read when pregnant with me or my siblings or all of us, this author is famous for Toddler Taming (and introducing the fashion of controlled crying) my mother tells me. It is definitely old so I'm keeping that in mind but I'm quite enjoying his writing style, honesty and the additional information he provides over Up the Duff. Mind you, I'm only through the first 5 chapters.

The New Dad's Survival Guide

A Christmas present from my mum for S, I read this book last one sitting. Short and to the point, its entertaining and had me laughing out lout often. Perfect for new dads, its a good read for new mums too as it gave me a bit of guy perspective on my pregnancy and a few good reminders on considering S' feelings in all of this.

What to expect when you're expecting
Just about to get started on this one. I am approaching this book with some trepidation as upon meeting the midwife who works in-rooms with my obstetrician, she asked how many pregnancy related books I had bought/was reading. I hadn't bought or read any at that point as I was only around 9 weeks. She warned me against this book but after complaining to another girlfriend and mother of two about the lack of information in Up the Duff, she bought this for me. I am pre-warned not to take everything in this book seriously and on a lighter note, I'm excited to see the movie in May.

I need to find some non baby related material but nothing is grabbing me lately. Any recommendations?


  1. The only books I'm reading is Up the Duff and What to Expect.. I've also bought 'What to expect in your first year' which I haven't started yet but it's a month by month thing..

    Up the Duff is really boring me to be honest. Last night I opened it and was only up to Week 21 (I'm now 30!) it took me about 5 mins to skim through it. I don't know what all the raves are about?

    What to Expect is ok, better than UTD. It's obviously more on the facts side of things but at the same time, still bores me a little.

    To be honest I'm happy just sticking with my weekly iphone app and googling anything else I want to know about.

    I'm not a big reader on the best of days though.

  2. Thanks Reezy, glad to know I'm not alone! Up the Duff is boring me too and I actually enjoyed S' book more than anything else so far. I love to read so am finding this frustrating but will see how I go with What to Expect. Congrats on 30 weeks - its getting so close :)

  3. Hello wedding twin.

    I just read Before I go to sleep and couldn't put it down. It is non-baby related :-)