Monday, January 9, 2012

Sundays are for...

In my case, sleeping in (I'm on the road to recovery from that dreaded tropical flu but still weak and extra tired with bubba literally sucking the life from me) followed by some light housework (got to take advantage of that sunshine to get washing done) and then...

I opened a new bottle of perfume to replace my Vera Wang Princess (love this scent for daytime)...

and then headed out for a little shopping - this was mostly in aid of groceries but also included a little Kookai detour ... oh ok, and a Priceline one too. Kookai involved an unexciting black singlet purchase. I cannot go past their stretchy lycra singlets for wardrobe staples - one of my current ones is over 5 years old and still going strong - and a light weight linen type scarf in Rhodendrum to jazz up my black CR maxi or shorts and singlets combo in the future.

Priceline was just an essentials stock up with a new addition. Curious? The new addition was BB Cream.. or at least Garnier's version of it. I'm slow to this bandwagon as I'm pretty sure I read about it some time ago over on Sydney Shop Girl's blog but I haven't tried it before and I'm always tempted by new miracle creams. I'm wearing it today as my base foundation so will report back in a separate post with my thoughts. I also picked up some dry shampoo and my favourite new moisturiser by Garnier. This is my new HG no word of a lie! Very light and easy to spread, this moisturiser gives the best non greasy but silky smooth finish. I have used
everything from Kiehls, Chanel, Palmers, Body Shop etc and this cream is like a milk but gives the moisture of a butter. Often you can pick it up for $4 at the supermarket so give it a try.

By the afternoon, I was sweltering hot and needed refreshing so I waited till S got home at 3 and pounced on him as he came through the door begging him to come to the beach for a swim with me. S doesn't love the beach (he doesn't hate it either) so he was definitely just humouring me in this instance but as I told him, getting out in the sun and saltwater should fix up any lingering sickness. The afternoon was crystal clear, blue skies and very warm but wouldn't you know it, when we got to the beach, it was blowing a gale and truly hard work to even walk down the sand. My afternoon swim ended up being a quick dip and back in the car - how deceiving are these pics?

The rest of my Sunday afternoon was enjoyed in peace on our back deck with S overlooking the water and discussing baby names. I would love your thoughts on S' two choices for a boy's name... he likes William (after his father, grandfather, great grandfather...) and Vincent. No idea where the heck Vincent came from as we have no one in either family with the name, no friends or acquaintances... all I can think of is Entourage and Vinnie Chase. My choice is Alexander ... or even Olliver but S is just not a fan. Baby names could be our hardest negotiation yet.


  1. Love William! That was on our list. And we like Oliver too... But didn'r like the O.O initials as our surname starts with O
    The other are nice too!
    Naming your child is one of the hardest things you will ever do!

  2. Love Vera Wang, the scent just doesn't seem to stick with me though :(
    I've read about BB cream but haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet.. tempting!
    I'd give anything to live by the beach (it's an hour drive away for me :(( ), your pics are very deceiving!
    Baby names - THE hardest part of bringing a child into the world... give me labour any day haha! I William is a nice name, esp if there's meaning behind it. Vincent is cute, I think of Vince Vaughn.. Must admit, I LOVE Oliver but D isn't a fan. At the moment we've kind of agreed on Cohen if it's a boy but that could all change!

    Wow, sorry for my essay!

  3. Thanks for the name feedback ladies :) I like the name William but am kind of being a brat as I don't see why the husband gets to name boy bub after his dad and my dad gets left out. I'm really close to my dad and I don't want him to be hurt that bub has his paternal grandfather's name and surname - see, bratty I know.
    It doesn't help that the girl name I love is a bad word in husband's family - I love the name Chelsea but being english and die hard lifelong born and raised Man U fans, Chelsea is as bad as it gets.
    Cohen is a great name Reezy and of course you know I think Abi is beautiful Sammie.
    Moving on, Reezy, you must try the BB cream - loving it! It lasted a whole work day yesterday and the husband commented on how nice it was to see my skin looking more 'natural' - he hates foundation :)