Monday, January 9, 2012

Recovering, decluttering and new finds

I was unlucky enough to be struck down by the tropical flu last week - as SSG said, it sounds much more glamourous than it actually is - and given my 'condition', I was unable to take anything to speed up my recovery so between half days at work (cause the boss didn't want to catch it), I spent much of last week and the weekend sleeping, chewing vitamin C, drinking juice, using saline nasal spray and good old Vicks rub. What I'm sure could have been nipped in the bud with a good dose of cold & flu tablets raged as a fever, sore throat, aches, coughing, congestion... you know, all the fun stuff.

But enough of my moaning, it wasn't all sad and miserable on the home front. I made a few new discoveries and tackled a few tasks on my list that I have been avoiding.

We'll start with new TV shows I think. So I kept seeing new show, Grimm, advertised on Fox8 last week. What really caught my attention was that it came from the makers (or maybe writers) of Buffy and Angel ... yep, that hooked me. S wasn't terribly impressed with having to watch it with me but he had no choice as I comandeered the lounge as my sickbed and the TV as mine to control for as long as I was sick. I quite liked Grimm and am looking forward to future episodes. I like the supernatural aspect but that it wasn't too scary (I'm a massive fraidy cat - never watched any of those fun movies like Saw or Hostel) and it seems to be hitting a the flippancy of Buffy while combining a cop show element too. I will be tuning in this week.

My other new TV discovery was also thanks to Fox8... Hart of Dixie. I developed a huge girl crush on Rachel Bilson when she played Summer Roberts on The OC (like most others I know) and was hooked on this new show from just watching the advert. Thankfully S wasn't home so I didn't have to listen to him moaning about torture and the like - honestly, my husband is incredibly dramatic! Big announcement here ... this show is without doubt my new favourite. Rachel Bilson is a wonderfully entertaining actress and this show is a perfect setting for her - New York surgeon dumped in slow town Bluebell, Alabama with a few big surprises coming her way. There is lots of intrigue after only the first episode and me being me, I can't possibly last a whole week till I see it again so S has already been put to work at getting me US eps (they have 15 already).

It wasn't all lazing on the lounge doing nothing at the White Castle (our home - its definitely not a castle but this is just a play on our last name and the husband's heritage), I also did some decluttering. I have been meaning to rip our CD collection to itunes and dump the CDs for oh, I don't know, 5 YEARS NOW! I finally got off my backside and did it on Saturday. This tower of 3 is not a clear reflection - I had already gotten one tower done. Imagine how proud I was come 8pm on Saturday night to finish this fun little task! It only took about 9-10 hours ('only' being used quite loosely here) but I must say, it was quite the trip down memory lane listening to old hits like Mark Morrison's 'Return of the Mack' and Lisa Loeb's 'Stay' but there was some real crap in there too - lets just say Donna Summer is one.

CDs weren't the only thing that got decluttered, I also got stuck into my wardrobe, archiving two huge plastic storage boxes so far with clothes that are unlikely to fit me for the coming 6 months. I'm thinking positive here, not realistic so let me have my dreams this week and pretend I will be back in my pre-bubba wardrobe within 6-8 weeks and not 12 months.

I also watched a few movies over the weekend including Tower Heist. Funny, not fabulously so although Eddie Murphy had me laughing like crazy but my highlight here was the most gorgeous elderly couple clearly out on their date night in the audience - they were all dressed up and he was so beautifully attentive of his wife. I told S I hoped that was us one day and he agreed although pointed out he was feeling like he would need the walking cane in 5 years not 30 ha ha.

We watched Contagion on Saturday night while eating dinner - next time I will start movies about contagious disease after dinner. While not overtly graphic, there were a few scenes in the first part of the movie that don't go well with eating chicken kiev and steamed vegies (or anything else for that matter I imagine). Good movie but pretty lacklustre performance from Matt Damon, disappointed at the brief appearance of Rachel Weisz but glad of Gwen's. It was frightening to see just how quickly an infectious disease can spread and how easily across borders and continents. Good story, dull actors overall.

Sunday night I finally got to watch Mission Impossible 3. I may have mentioned here that I love the MI franchise despite not being a huge Tom Cruise fan. The stories are just so well written for the most part, the stunts are just mind blowing and the double crosses keep things interesting. I have been dying to see 3 since we went to see 4 before Christmas. 4 was brilliant, loved every minute despite having a heart attack during the Dubai building sequence. We own 1 and 2 but not 3 and I was having a hard time recalling the full story. While a good movie, it was probably my least favourite of the 4.

That's some of my last few days in a nutshell, now I'm just counting the days till The Office and Gossip Girl return in the States and S can get his hands on those episodes for me.

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