Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My weekend in a nutshell

Wow, what I weekend I had! As usual, I have no pics to back it up with - I'm sorry, I know I have no excuse between owning a camera and an iphone, I just forget... actually, I do have an excuse... BABY BRAIN. Ha ha... I'm laughing but I shouldn't be as according to research (and the opinion of everyone I know), this is a perfectly legitimate excuse that allows all kinds of leeway with indulgent smiles rather scolding for mistakes.

Right, moving forward. It was my littlest brother J's birthday on Saturday so the husband and I had him and his girlfriend R for a birthday dinner Friday night as we were supposed to be otherwise occupied on Saturday evening (those plans got cancelled in the end anyway). C, baby S and C's little sis also joined us for dinner which was a slap-up of ingredients I picked up on the way home from work. I at least remembered to buy an ice cream cake and it turns out J and the husband were thrilled with my last minute menu anyway - creamy sundried tomato & chicken served on parpadelle with garlic bread if you were wondering. We ended the night watching Xmen First Class as J and I both love the Xmen movie series (along with a whole host of other movies I can't get S to watch - Clash of the Titans, Immortals... anything mythology based it seems).

Saturday was a so so day weatherwise which didn't concern me as I was working in the morning. Feeling generous (and in need of plans as S was working all day), I had J and R meet me after work at lunchtime and took them out for J and my favourite mexican in celebration of his actual birthday - J and I are a lot alike if you're following still. The afternoon was spent on the couch chatting to M till the husband got home and we headed to my parents for J's actual birthday dinner. I know, the kid is totally spoilt with 2 dinners and a lunch so far but I guess that's what happens when you're the baby.

Dinner was a typically rowdy and raucous affair - the standard adjectives to describe my family en masse. We were joined by R's mother and sisters who were delightful in a word. R's mother is a child psychologist and an all-round entertainer so she had some hilarious insights into my siblings and I over dinner.

Sunday was as miserable as they come for weather and I started the day with a doctors appointment. Yep, my doc has Sunday hours ... very convenient - especially when trying to schedule the multitude of specialist, GP, scan etc appointments required when pregnant while minimising the impact on my work hours. The husband took me to Alto for brunch afterwards and it wasn't bad. I had the B.E.A.T which is bacon, egg, avpo and tomato on turkish with tomato relish and melted cheese. I had to chase up the harrassed waiter for my relish - which ended up being far too sweet anyway.

Over brunch we received a text from some good friends who recently had a baby we were yet to meet inviting us to come over that afternoon. I won't lie, I was excited ... with the offer of meeting a new baby, who wouldn't be. We offered to bring afternoon tea and after brunch I hustled S to Pacific Fair to buy a present for the new princess. We picked up the cutest little outfit from Pumpkin Patch selected by S:

and I can't lie, I was seduced by a sale on Seafolly children's togs. They were $60 reduced to $29 in a size 0 ... I bet you would have bought them too. Of course as S pointed out, there is a 50/50 chance we will have a boy (which delights me as much as the 50/50 for a girl), so what was my point in buying girl's clothes. As I told S, my brother N and sis in law are having a girl so I can always gift to my niece. S used this opportunity to point out how much easier it would be to find out the sex but I'm sticking to my guns (for now anyway) and having a surprise.

Intending not to overstay our welcome, we ended up spending over 4 hours with our friends J & J and their baby girl, catching up in between cuddles, feedings, catnaps and the birthing story. Their baby girl is just an absolute angel and they have slipped into the role of parents so easily. It was great especially for the husband to see them in action, particularly as male J and S have been friends since primary school and are both just now entering the realms of fatherhood. It was nice for both of us to see new parents in action.

We already had pre-planned dinner plans with other friends so had to race from our baby visit to their place where we walked into bath and dinner time for their 10 month old and 3 year old. S joined the dad in entertaining Mr 3 while I happily took over feeding the adorable Miss 10 m.o. Takeaway chinese was decided as our easiest dinner option and I spent some very entertaining time cuddling and playing with the children. Time slips by so quickly with good friends and with these ones in particular, time literally flies. There is never a gap in conversation and their children are amongst the best behaved and most fun I have ever met. I fell in to bed on Sunday night literally exhausted.

All in all, I think its pretty obvious I had a fabulous weekend and writing about it here has reminded me of my blessings. Without getting all sappy on you, I have so many beautiful people in my life, both friends and family to give thanks for and I am truly grateful for that.

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