Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of Kyoto

View of Kyoto from the Silver Pavilion - Ginkakuji.
Such beautiful meticulous grounds and a nice walk to get to.

A school group we met at Kinkakuji
- they had to interview English speaking tourists as part of their school excursion.

Kinkakuji - the Golden Pavilion.
Beautiful to look at and tranquil grounds but very busy with tourists and school groups.

A chapel located INSIDE our hotel in a function room - only in Japan

Gion Shrine (Yasaka Jinga) - we wandered around here after a Korean BBQ dinner nearby and the husband told me not to ring the bell as the shrine was pretty much deserted and very quiet.
Then some Japanese nationals arrived and started bell ringing so I took no notice of S and rang too.

Lanterns at the Gion Shrine

This is Kyoto JR station - S was so impressed with the engineering and architecture of this building. He couldn't believe the effort for a train station.

Rope from the ??? century on display at a temple made from actual human hair!
Totally gross I know but apparently very strong.

The ridiculously enormous Higashi Honganji Temple - the grounds stretch forever.
This building is the biggest wooden structure in the World I think.
The white building next door you can see is actually a warehouse covering the Amida Hall while it is being restored - we noticed this alot in Japan where they build a warehouse over the ancient building to protect while being restored.
The ridiculously enormous Higashi Honganji Temple and the husband

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