Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspiration - warning...its a nursery post

There are so many beautiful websites for nursery inspiration and there are some particularly stunning nurseries.

Here are some cute ones I found today:

As the husband and I (well, I anyway), have decided to have a surprise and not find out the sex of bub till birth, I thought I would need to leave the nursery planning and design till after bub was born to ensure the right colours - I do want a focus of either pink or blue. That was until I saw this nursery and fell in love:

This is my dream nursery and while we don't have the gorgeous high sloping ceilings etc, this is a colour scheme and theme I am confident I can recreate the same soothing tranquil surroundings (although S is querying why it has to be so blue - its a ManU hates ManCity soccer thing I think).

I have already looked in to and found some suppliers of giant wall decals in a sky blue cloudy sky print to cover our main nursery wall and am going to look around on the weekend for pastel blue curtains with a lemon yellow pelmet to complement the white furniture we have bought.

The beauty of this nursery is I can also get all the blue and yellow done and just add the pink accents in soft furnishings if appropriate after we bring bub home white white sufficing till then.

Do you have any suggestions or inspirations of your own to add?

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  1. So pretty <3
    Great idea going for the sky and then adding pink if need be.