Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giving thanks

My mother set a small task for each of us on Christmas day... she sent us a message requesting that we share the following at our Christmas lunch:

  1. Best moment of 2011
  2. Something you've learned about yourself this year
  3. Something that you're proud of yourself for this year
  4. Something that you're proud of someone else for this year
  5. Something you'd like to change about yourself in the coming year
  6. Things you're grateful for this year

After eating, we went around the table and shared our answers to the above. As I listened, I was reminded of how much love there is in my family and how much I truly value each member. It was a nice exercise to remind us to pause and reflect on the year gone and be thankful for all it did bring rather than try to rush it past and consider the losses.

My answers were:

  1. I couldn't limit it to one given the huge year we have had: S and my wedding vows, surviving the earthquake in Japan and making a new friend, finding out about our baby and that I am going to be an aunty
  2. I'm stronger on the inside than I thought ... and I like to write
  3. Keeping up with this blog as an outlet, overcoming my fear and returning to Japan (and trying new foods, experiences etc whilst there)
  4. Im proud of my dad running for council as I truly believe he can and will make a difference and I'm proud of my youngest brother for giving up the security of fulltime work to go back to uni and finish his first year with distinctions
  5. To not be so sensitive and take on other's criticisms so easily, to give thanks more often for the blessings in my life
  6. my husband, our baby, my parents, my siblings and their partners, my friends, the opportunities I have been granted, traveling to Japan, a beautiful and memorable wedding day, my and my family's health, my job and my boss.

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  1. Such a lovely idea :) I think we all need to stop and re-boot every now and then.