Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun times in Osaka

The Skygarden is the centre part between the 2 towers that the husband made me visit our first time - its still gives me the shakes
SpaWorld floors - one of my most confronting and liberating experiences

Entry restrictions to SpaWorld - I couldn't stop laughing at the phrasing and made the husband take a pic... 'person who has gotten dead drunk' ha ha ha

Downtown Osaka

Downtown in Osaka - Tsutenkaku Tower
Traditional lunch

Our friend and guide Victor Yokonov of Osaka - we met him in Tokyo on the night of the earthquake in March

Our friends' restaurant - 'Mama' San and her daughter Aiko
Puffer fish displayed at restaurant entrance
Explanation on how to order at the bar we were drinking at


  1. Oh thankyou for this post, it couldnt have been timed better! 9 weeks and counting until Japan time- 4 days of which I will be spending in Osaka! I think SpaWorld should be worth a visit!

  2. So jealous Cindy, you will have an amazing time! Will post some more pics of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo tonight. Definitely do go to Spaworld - quite an initial shock but an amazing and liberating experience :)