Thursday, January 26, 2012

A confession...

I fully expect judgement for the confession I am about to make so don't hold back, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and personal feelings as the subject matter is as polarising as subject matters go.

One of my all time favourite movies is da da da dum (drum roll) ... XANADU.

Yep, that did it, I can here the mouse click as you all unsubscribe from following my blog but hey, that's okay, I'm not ashamed.

M, if you are reading this, you don't get to judge so wipe the smirk off your face unless you want me to share how you got the nickname Disney (ps. luv u).

Why the burning desire to share this love? Well, last night I got a text from my dad around 10:21pm...a little scary to be honest as my dad is the guy who goes to bed at 9pm every night no matter how good the show/movie he is watching is plus my mum was away. I myself was in bed and intrigued, opened his message.

'Should have messaged you earlier have been watching Xanadu' was the text I received.

We then shared a series of text about our mutual love for the movie which then had me youtubing my favourite songs/scenes from the movie:

Cliff Richards & Olivia Newton-John - Suddenly - which I can't find a clip for; and

Electric light Orchestra - Don't Walk Away

While I have heard it described as the worst movie of all time (have you seen anything by Paris Hilton I ask?), my siblings and I grew up watching the movie on VCR at every chance and I still love the music and costumes as much now as I did then. ONJ will always hold a very special place for me as Keira.

I am now on the hunt for the actual soundtrack (not the dodgy Broadway soundtrack that is ok but no ONJ and ELO).


  1. I grew up watching Xanadu on VHS and loved it too. I then watched it again a year or so ago and it makes no sense haha but I still love it :)

  2. I love your confession! Sometimes it good to get these things our chests.
    I haven't seen this movies in like 20 YEARS! I remember I loved it though. I remember the song and Olivia skating around in a dark room, with highlighted circles of where she had skated..?? that's it! No idea on the story line, it's defiantly something I need to revisit to refresh my memory.

  3. never seen it. you actually make me feel guilty about that :-P will try to source it at some point :-)

  4. I think I tried to watch it once, many years ago. But it was all just too much for me. Good on your for being brave and fessing up!

    TDM xx

  5. i actually have never seen the movie, but I LOVE Olivia. I'm totally there with you. (Ariella on VF) xx