Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A belated Merry Christmas

This post is especially belated as I have been computer free since Christmas eve and have only just returned to work today - not entirely true as my sis did bring her laptop camping but honestly, who could be bothered sitting inside when there are lunches to be enjoyed, swimming in the lake and beach, shopping and general lazing around complete with afternoon naps ( baby bug is literally sucking the life out of me at this point).

Our Christmas eve was spent with S family and his sister's new in-laws. Dinner was a lengthy affair with the festivities finishing up after 11pm which led to an unusual Christmas morning sleep-in. As I told S, we need to take advantage of our last Christmas morning sleep-in for years to come with baby being in residence next year!

As usual, S and I got very spoilt by his family with his parents buying us a Weber Q 200 - I know, ridiculously spoilt - amongst other things. One stocking stuffer I received was an interesting choice from my MiL - stretch-mark cream. Now don't get me wrong, I am appreciative and have been using it religiously but it might have been better received from say ... my mum or sister :)

Anyways, I was also ridiculously spoilt by S despite me insisting he take it easy this year but he pointed out that it was his last year to spoil just me and that the baby will take centre stage likely from next year. Amongst my haul from S was a full CR outfit he put together (skirt, shirt and hat) that I love, Glasshouse diffuser sticks, a gold bracelet watch, a fine gold necklace, Chanel No 5 and a CR beach bag that he informed me could double as a baby bag if required.

Christmas day was a relaxing and fairly low key affair with lunch hosted by my parents and attended by my mum's best friend, my sister and her husband and my youngest brother and his girlfriend. Unfortunately my brother and his wife didn't make our celebration as they started a voluntary surf patrol for our surf club that morning and were not relieved by other members until 4pm so we took them down their lunch and presents so they didn't totally miss out.
My mum as usual enormously over caters and for lunch we enjoyed turkey, stuffed chicken, stuffed beef, lamb, glazed baked ham and all the trimmings. Needless to say, we were feeling pretty stuffed and sleepy come 3pm!

We do a family secret santa with a $150 limit each year rather than buying for everyone but my parents still get us a gift and we all get them one too.

my youngest brother (The Entertainer) opening gifts with excitement

This year my mum had me to buy for and I ended up with a huge lot of clothes and pajamas (suitable for now and my changing shape) and the Kikki K pregnancy organiser - a lifesaver for the endless paperwork I seem to be accumulating.

S and I then spent a quiet Christmas night on the lounge watching Elf, Love Actually and Die Hard. Home Alone was next on the list but I was asleep halfway through our last movie.

I hope that everyone out there got spoilt by Santa, enjoy the giving and receiving of the day and enjoyed a merry and joyful day spent with family and/or loved ones like I did.

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  1. Sounds like you had a beautiful time hun.
    We were lapping up the last quiet Christmas too! This year is going to be SO much different! I hope your tiredness goes soon, it's the pits!
    We do secret Santa with both families, so much easier than buying for everyone. No stress!
    Great pressies!