Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All around the town: Osaka & Kobe

Kobe herb gardens:
I am freaking out here and refused to turn around the whole way up the mountain!
I was barely speaking to S by the time we got to the top!
Well worth the torture up though as it was a magnificent view over the city.

The view from our gondola in Kobe up the mountain to the herb gardens

Damage from the Kobe earthquake in the 90's

Kobe ferris wheel - the Japanese love their ferris wheels

The Port of Kobe - beautiful

more shopping

A shopping mall somewhere in the young district of Osaka - maybe Dotonbori

The daytime view from Shinsaibashi bridge

'To infinity and beyond' Buzz Lightyear at Osaka Station on Halloween

The husband being a Karaoke superstar with Victor (too much sake makes you do crazy things)


  1. It's such a beautiful city. Wish I had time to visit it when we were in Japan.

    SSG xxx

  2. haha they love their karaoke!
    great pics, i would have been terrified on the gondola too! Eeep.