Monday, December 19, 2011

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us

True or false?

I experienced a weekend of revelations . The biggest one being that maybe I want to be surprised by the sex of our baby. I know, I was super shocked too!

Being prone to a Type A personality, it went without saying that I would NEED to know the sex of bubba as soon as medically possible and S was all for it as it is top priority for him to start bubba's shoe collection (if you are a new reader, go back to an old post 'My husband is a shoe whore') and buy suitable Man U supporter gear and 'kits'.

Well, the waters got muddied on Saturday night and you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men - at least I hope you do?

So for the record, S' friends (and now also my friends) have all found out early on the sex of their bubbas bar one couple who had a surprise for their first and found out for their second. On my side, bestie C found out baby S' sex early on but everyone else has preferred a surprise, even in the case of their second.

Chatting to a few of these friends about surprise versus finding out on Saturday night has now got me thinking that maybe I do want a surprise. M had always encouraged the 'surprise' option and then my sister K entered the debate and let me tell you, that girl is one persuasive young lady, even heavily under the influence of champagne.

Just as I resolve the pram dilemma (we went with S' first choice, the Bugaboo if you're interested), up crops a new one! I always intended to be surprised at some stage, likely by my second but as one friend pointed out (she had 2 surprises and found out for her 3rd), what if I don't have a second bubba... I mean you just never know and then I will never get the option again. Also I have come to the opinion that there are so few surprises of this nature in life (I can only think of a marriage proposal in comparison) that we get to experience and it gives me an indescribably excited feeling to picture S walking out of the delivery room to our families waiting in anticipation and announce 'ITS A GIRL/BOY'.

S is yet to be wholly convinced but is wavering in his convictions and happy to support my choice although I can tell he is itching to buy bubba a suitable (read pink, blue etc) pair of Nike shox, Converse and anything else he can get his hands on.
So , do I go with Jane Austen ... “Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable” and find out or do I go with 'Surprise being the greatest gift...'?

Did you or would you find out what sex your bubba was or did you (would you) have a surprise?


  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with Jane Austen!

    We're obviously looking forward to a surprise but each to their own :)

    We have friends who have found out and others who didn't. What I don't agree with is naming bub before they're even here.

    We found it very much an anti climax with one particular couple. We'd been calling the baby by his name since around the 20 week mark. Don't get me wrong, a new baby in the world is exciting whether you know or not but I think you need to leave the finer details to yourselves so there is some element of surprise. Just my opinion :)

  2. Good on you for being able to wait! I couldn't and we found out we were having a girl at the 20 week scan.
    Personal choice... I prefered to be super organised and planned.
    Maybe for no. 2 we will wait and be surprised? time will tell!

    We did however keep the name a surprise! And because I was sent to hospital early o be induced we didn't tell anyone except close family so it was a surprise when we sent out the message to say our little one was born!

  3. PS I mean naming bub publicly before they're here. I hope I didn't offend!!

  4. Thank you Sammie & Reezy for your feedback - this is exactly what I wanted to hear...different points of view to consider.
    Sammie, until Saturday night I was all set to find out and could be again come the next scan :)
    No offence taken at all Reezy - I understand both sides given friends who have told us the sex but kept the name quiet, friends who have told us everything down to the c-section date and friends who have opted for total silence on all fronts.