Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Grownup Christmas List

I borrowed the name for this post from my sister's second favourite carol
(her first is Silent Night in case you were wondering and if you weren't, well now you know anyway).

More than anything else this Christmas, I want perfect healthy 12 week scan results of our bubba on the 21st. Anything else I'm given will truly just be icing.

Of course this particular 'want' doesn't suffice to my beautiful family and friends (and husband) who are all hoping for exactly the same thing but would actually like to buy me gifts. So in light of this, I have had to put together a wishlist that they can select from... so here goes:
Seafolly Amazon Amari maxi
This Trenery dress if anyone can track it down at an outlet - item code FDR163C735
CR Midi skirt in Graphite IF the waist is stretchy
CR maxi skirt in black
Shoes like these from CR
These shoes from CR
A statement necklace like this (its from Oscar De La Renta so I dont expect this one)

Mission Impossible 1 & 3 - I'm a sucker for this series even though I don't like Tom Cruise
Glasshouse Candle in Miami - or Rockefeller if it can be found
Country Road Trilby to wear while on holidays at Lennox

To add to the baby's dvd collection

My Chanel No 5 from last Christmas still hasn't been replaced since Japan in March

Bossypants by Tina Fey -
its been on my read list for awhile but haven't gotten around to buying it

Oroton tote - I have one in pink but need one a little more neutral or just different for all those outfits the pink doesn't go with.

Its baby Missoni (Duh! obviously! I can hear you saying)
These are wishlist items that no one including me will buy though as I will seriously struggle trying to explain to S, or even my sister and M why I have spent upwards of $60 (on sale that is) on a romper for a baby girl when I don't even know the sex of my bubba and that's say something, especially for my sister who is usually my biggest guaranteed enabler)... dilemmas I know. Sis and M, if you're reading... please add these to the baby shower gift registry ha ha.

Throw in some anti-stretch mark cream, some maternity bras (with and without wire), soem books on pregnancy and or first time parenting and there you have it, my very glamourous Christmas list :)

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