Monday, November 28, 2011


During the course of the weekend, it wasn't all about buying for others with a bit of buying going on for me by others - does that sentence even make sense?

Unfortunately I can't have any of it till Christmas but I guess its something to look forward to.

S has bought me these dresses from Country Road.
Light cotton and lined, I can't wait to wear them.
I went a size up to allow some bust and belly room and the good news is they will be perfect for the coming Summer weather and our break in Lennox Heads but will also see me through next Summer after BB is born.

My mum bought me these two pairs of Peter Alexander pjs ($80 down to $19 a pair) as she decided I need some nice pajamas for the hospital...NEXT YEAR. I did try to explain to her that there is still a few months to get organised but for this price, what was the point in arguing ha ha. She also bought me a beautiful PA black modal long line tailored jacket top that buttons all the way up and 'she says' will be perfect for breast feeding (it was 419 down from about $90 I think).

Then in bowing to her superior shopping prowess (no kidding, my mother is an olympic gold medallist when it comes to shopping), I let her talk me into inspecting a range of Mix clothing ... you know, the Coles brand? She has been raving about some of their pieces (namely, they do a cargo type pant just like Lorna Jane but a better fit and for only $20 or so).
Well, it turns out she may be on to something... I picked up (and she bought for me), this smock below in navy. I think it was the grand old price of $22 and it is in a beautiful crisp cotton and will be perfect for throwing over my swimmers - I bought it a size larger to cover any bump growth for Summer. Mum added a 100% cotton white smock top arrangement for the bargain price of $5 - I know, can you believe you can buy clothes brand new for $5? I tell you, I would have bought a stack if it hadn't been the only one left - and a modal type fabric knee length fully ruched and cowl-necked cream and black stripe dress that will suit me from current size to mid-bump ($25).

In case you cant tell, my mum was on a kick to get me appropriately kitted out in suiting my status to be of mummy. She picked some real winners but let me tell you, there were some horrors we argued over also. 'Too mumsy' I would say to which she would reply 'Well, you are going to be a mum' but then she took it a step further and I had to call time on the shopping explaining to her that she was now selecting items I could picture my grandmother having worn.

All in all, a successful adventure with my mum and I have to say, the Mix clothing range isn't bad for the price and something I will definitely keep in mind. They have a surprisingly big range as well and my mum tells me they happily refund anything you are not satisfied with - I gather she had a bit of a washing disaster with a white modal tee but they took on board her feedback and gave her an immediate refund.

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