Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas shopping and treats

Saturday was a miserable day on the Gold Coast (think muggy humid weather and grey rain clouds but no rain). How are you supposed to spend days like this? Shopping and baking obviously!

My new Glasshouse candle - S tried to help me choose it... I say tried as the first 3 times he picked 'Night before Christmas' over 'White Christmas' then after browsing the store & finding the candles also displayed in a different section, swore black and blue he wanted 'White Christmas'. Me? I was happy with either. I think I have also given S a Glasshouse addiction as he also insisted in a Bora Bora purchase.

Christmas presents at work for the salvos - everyone brings in a gift and labels it with a sex and age range and we donate them all to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. A worthy cause and a way for our workplace to help those less fortunate at this time of year. We have been advised that the gifts are going to women and children at the Stillwaters Refuge this year.

S' birthday present. I don't drink coffee but he loves a good quality cup so I thought this would be the perfect gift for him... especially as it will no doubt come in handy once baby is here and sleep is a thing of the past.

S Christmas present (one part of). S loves basketball (has been inconsolable about the NBA lockout) and every year I buy him the latest pair of Kobe shoes. I had to go with this colour as despite liking Kobe as a player, he is not a Lakers fan and the other pair were white, purple and yellow.

I couldn't resist buying these books & a few others for S and my dad given our baby news:
FATHERHOOD DEMYSTIFIED! Finally-a manual for new dads that deciphers the immensely confusing world of fatherhood and gives crucial tips and advice from a man's point of view. No psychobabble, no warm fuzzies-just a hilarious (and surprisingly practical) military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments of pregnancy, birth, and babyhood. Seasoned father and master infant-tamer Scott Mactavish breaks the Baby Code down and lays it out in straight-up guyspeak. The New Dad's Survival Guide includes declassified information on such topics as: * Cutting the Cord: The Moment of Truth * Feeding and Cleaning the NFU (New Family Unit) * Surviving Sleep Deprivation * Relieving Stress Without Booze * The Great Boob Irony * Pee, Poo, Hurl, and Snot: Getting Used to the Bodily Functions * Critical Survival Tips Never Before Revealed * Sex: Let the Games Begin Again...Finally * Dozens of Essential Terms Defined, Including Binky, Onesie, Diaper Genie, Passy, and Sippy Cup GRAB YOUR BOOTS AND STRAP ON YOUR HELMET! THE BABIES ARE COMING!
This series of reflections on the role of a grandfather will be an inspiration and a pleasure to all grandparents. Poignant and laugh out loud funny.

I also picked up Christmas presents for C, M and another friend on my travels along with a few parcels that arrived last week including my Oroton gift for my family secret santa but I can't share any details here as I know they pop by from time to time.

I then spent my afternoon baking cheese and herb scones and my mum's handmedown recipe from WW Beautiful Biscuits 'choc fudge slice' much to S bemusement - hey, whatever keeps my mind off that clod Sav Blanc from the old days lol.

What did you get up to on Saturday?

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