Friday, November 25, 2011

Call me crazy...

(some of my friends certainly have) but S and I have already bought the following baby items.

Look people, I know its a little on the early side but the prices were just to good to turn down.

This Tasman-Eco set (cot & change table) including mattress was only $500 (from about $800)

Bright Starts Kashmir Swing $99 from $259

Tasman Eco bassinet $149 from $189
Bright Starts play mat with lights and sounds $49 from $99

We also picked up the Avent starter kit with 8 bottles, steriliser, warmer and other extras for $199 from $349.

I blame my mother as she was my enabler... she received a catalogue for Baby Bunting in the mail, inspected, bought up big then took me there the next day where I bought up a few items and took S the following day who bought up big. Seeing a pattern here that goes back to one key person? Exactly!

Disclaimer: I will be doing my very best not to make this blog be too baby-centric so feel free to give me feedback if it starts getting that way after my initial 5 posts following 'announcement 2' :)

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