Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back again

So we're back from Japan - have been for a week today in fact but I'm just slack about downloading the pics and getting back into the blogging.

Truth be told, I've been occupied with some very big news and events that both directly and indirectly affect my life in a big way ... but more on that later as I can't share yet cause some of it is not really my news to share. Cryptic I know but all will be revealed in time :)

No Japan post today as like I mentioned, I've been too slack to download the pics yet but in the meantime I just thought I'd ramble and share some other bits and pieces.

For one, I can't believe I take a 10 day break from twitter (wifi not the best in Japan) and on my return, discover that Kim K has filed for divorce! See what happens when you lose contact with the 21st Century for a short time? That's right, you become irrelevant. Its saddens me the marriage appears to be over and I know I go against popular opinion when I say that I believe the intentions behind the marriage were genuine and I imagine this is a very sad and hard time for Kim K. Call me a sucker but I will stick to my fairytales.

Oops, just posted this update so far so now have to go back in and edit to finish it...

In other real life news, I got to catch up with three of S and my favourite couples on Saturday night. Two of the gorgeous girls are only about a week from having their bubbas - one is having a girl (her first) and one is having a boy (her second) - so I had lots of fun shopping on Saturday for gifts as I missed their baby showers while in Japan. I ended up with a pink bonds summer playsuit & cotton summer sleeping bag arrangement for the girl and a grey bonds summer playsuit & cotton summer sleeping bag arrangement for the boy. I ideally wanted to buy them a bumbo each but they were impossible to track down (lucky I didn't though as they both got one at their baby showers) or a sleep sheep but again with the impossible to track down.

I also attended the Ultimate Life Saving Lunch on Friday with a group of friends including my dad and boss. It was a great afternoon although I'm sad to say, not a patch on last year's event with little Johnny Howard. They had special guests including Greg Ritchie (cricketer) and he was fabulous, a very funny storyteller and Darren Carr who is a comedian and ventriloquist who had everyone in stitches. Most disappointing was the football panel made up of NRL Choppy Close, AFL Travis Ault and some Union guys. They were smutty, crude, uninteresting and mostly irrelevant. They managed to offend both male and female guests alike and I won't be attending any future event they are headlining.

This week is pretty uneventful so I will endeavour to come up with some more interesting topics for my next posts.

ps. Japan was amazing, I could not be happier that we went back and will post a trip report when I get around to downloading those pics. Let me say, if you haven't been or its not on your list then get to it and VISIT JAPAN!

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