Friday, November 25, 2011

Announcement No 2

I'm a joiner and with babies being the new black (particularly in my circle), on the same day I find out I was going to be an Aunty in May next year, I also found out I that I was going to be a mummy in July as some of you may have already guessed!

The day after we got back from Japan, I decided to take a test as my cycle has been all over the place this year and was a month or more out of whack (which hasn't been unusual). While waiting for the result, I got a call from my bro informing me of my impending Aunty status and in the excitement of it all, got a positive result from my test and blurted out my news - I hadn't even told S yet!!! I felt terrible about spilling to my brother first and he promised to keep my secret until I had a chance to tell S our news.

Let me tell you, that day was the longest of my life! I wanted to tell S in person and for him to be the second person I told so I had to avoid calls from C & M all day in addition to biting my tongue when my mum and her best friend called over for afternoon tea.

Finally S got home and I could share the big news. I of course blurted it out then burst into tears... shaky happy emotional tears while S just grinned like a dummy once the initial shock wore off.

We have had our dating scan and are only 9 weeks today so it is early days but I'm okay with sharing our happy news early as come what may, the gift of life is still something to celebrate.

I couldn't be more excited right now or have a better network of support around me with one of my bestie's due in May, one having just had her first and another due in the coming days with her second on top of C with baby S and my other girlfriend with two under 3. My bestie M and my sister K while both childless and planning to stay that way for a little bit longer yet, are also a wonderful support to my mental health and M has even started reading pregnancy mags with me - I think so she can understand my mental state a little easier in the coming months.

My mum has also been amazing, literally jumping out of her skin at the prospect of becoming a Grammy not once but twice next year and S is a very excited and involved husband, undertaking his own shopping research expeditions to baby stores and the like. He has maybe been a little over zealous thus far though - he has prepared a list of necessities the baby will need when we bring it home and one of his top priorities was a playpen. I have since explained to him that newborns pretty much stay where you leave them and it will be a few months before a playpen is a must have item.

We are in for a crazy time to come I have know doubt and I for one cannot wait!


  1. Oh congratulations to you both.

    Truly so happy!

    SSG xxx

  2. Congratulations, wonderful news :)

  3. Congratulations! Wonderful news!

    Hope you are feeling well xxx

  4. Oh My Goshhhhh! Congratulations!!!

  5. YAYAYAYAY Congrats (officially)

    I love reading your story, how funny that you found on on the same day your bro announced! It's so nice your babies will be close in age, I'm sure they'll grow up to be best friend cousins :))

  6. Thank you for all the well wishes, they are greatly appreciated <3 xxx
    Reezy, I know, it was so funny that my bro and I had the same news on the same day!

  7. Congratulations!! How super exciting! I love the baby stuff in the next post. Love white furniture... x

  8. Sorry, FINALLY! I can come on over and say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    This is just wonderful news and I'm super happy and excited for you!
    Enjoy being pregnant! I didn't and now I really wish I had of.
    The furniture looks lovely! Ours is exactly the same except ours is Kingparrot (Boori)
    I just love the white and I think it really really suits either a boy or a girl.
    How good was the Baby Bunting sale! I got a monitor (same one as you I think)