Friday, November 25, 2011

Announcement No 1


I am also very excited in case you can't tell.

This was one of the secrets I was alluding to in a previous post but not able to share as it wasn't my news to tell first off and you never know who might be lurking (seriously, I have been told by friends who knew I had a blog but not the name, that they googled things they know about me and the blog came up so you never know who is reading).

So the new baby to come belongs to my brother N and his wife C. They didn't want to share the news until 12 weeks understandably so we were all sworn to secrecy until last week - I know, I'm slack and could have posted the news last week but motivation has been thin on the ground this week.

The good news is that C is now about 13 weeks along so it has become common knowledge around these parts that my mother is finally going to be a Grammy and I no longer have to quash rumours and lie to family friends about why C isn't drinking.

Now to find the perfect gift for my new niece or nephew - suggestions?
To make it easy, N & C are kindly finding out the sex at 20 weeks so I will know whether to buy blue or pink.


  1. Naaw how exciting hun! Congratulations :))

    When my SIL told us they were having a baby I jumped straight onto Tiffany's website and bought her a necklace. I figured it's such a special time in my SIL's life (being her first pregnancy)I wanted to give her a personal memento. Plus there will be plenty of occasions where bub receives gifts. Spoil Mum I say :))

  2. Yey! Great news!

    Being an aunty is the best. I adore my gorgeous niece! :-)