Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Purple People Eater

Just joking... at least I hope I don't look like the purple people eater!

This is my latest Bridesmaid dress (not the best pics but you get the idea) - my wardrobe is starting to resemble Katherine Heigl's in 27 Dresses but lucky for me, I am now married so don't have to worry about the whole 'always a bridesmaid, never never bride'. I have been a bridesmaid 5 times and a flowergirl once so far.

Its my sister in law's wedding day on Saturday and we had our last fitting today. The dresses were custom made by the same dressmaker who did my sis' and my BM dresses - Shiraz Bridal. I think the dress turned out well and is super comfortable as it was made to measure which usually means no tugging, fiddling or adjusting.

They also did my wedding dress and I cannot recommend Shirley highly enough based on my personal experience with her.


  1. Such a pretty colour, you so don't look like the purple people eater!

  2. Lol thanks Reezy, that's nice to know :)