Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Double Wrap

C and I are avid Mexican food fans - what's not to love... fresh flavours, salsa, sour cream and cheese?

I especially love burritos and enchiladas but am not a huge fan of tacos (the crunchy variety) as they generally break when you are stuffing them or fall apart the instant you bite into them and as a result, end up like a salad on your plate.

But in exciting news, just this past week, C introduced S and I to a new take on the taco.

First of all, she developed with the most amazing recipe for shredded chili beef containing all sorts of secret ingredients (that she later shared with me thankfully).

Then came the special sauce.... Byron Bay Co Jalapeno sauce - spicy of course with a hint of coriander. This sauce absolutely makes the whole meal!

And then the Double Wrap! Genius in my opinion ... I am still in shock that no-one I know has come up with this before.

Take a mini soft tortilla, spread it entirely with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and fine sliver of the aforementioned Jalapeno sauce then fold the soft tortilla around the hard one and stuff with meet, cheese, lettuce & chunky tomato salsa - see what I mean, GENIUS!

The combination of soft and crunchy along with all the other flavours is unbeatable and best of all, the taco stays intact as you eat.


  1. This is purely ingenious!!!

  2. I know, isn't it just! Too good not to share. x

  3. Love it! I read this post as I start to think about preparing some stuff for our dinner... would you believe we are having tacos! No soft shells though... I shall try this next time!