Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Morning

None of my recent posts are in an ordered timeline but I'm sure you get the idea.

After a big sleep in on Sunday morning (10am) broken only by my boss calling me with an office 'emergency', S and I set out for brekky at our local coffee club.

I felt kind of sorry for the boy serving us as he seemed to be doing everything (taking orders, cooking in the kitchen and clearing tables) while the 3 young girls behind the counter chatted & watched passing traffic.

Moving forward, here is what we ate:

S stuck with boring old bacon, eggs & tomato with hash browns and hollandaise on the side (for the record, EWWWWW I hate hollandaise, bearnaise and mayo... I also don't drink coffee or any hot drinks - strange I'm told often)

I decided to try the brekky wrap. As you can see, it was HUGE and jam packed. If i was going to find fault, I didn't love their tomato relish and I thought the dressing on the side salad was overkill.

Not a bad brekky though and then we set off to enjoy the sunshine and cheer for my brother in law in his grand final (NRL of course).

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