Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Next stop ...


Well, not actually the next stop but it will be a stop off on our upcoming Japan tour.

Last time when we were in Osaka, we spent a day seeing all the typical tourists sites (every temple, garden, palace and attraction possible) and did a day trip to Hiroshima so this time around with 3 days to kill, I have decided we should visit Kobe for the day. Just a half hour train ride from Osaka and the most popular region for Sake distilleries and the Kirin Beer Brewery, S wasn't hard to convince either.

Kobe is also the scene of one of the World's most devastating earthquakes - the city was leveled in 1994 - so it seems like a strange choice on my part to visit however I am reassured by the fact that the city was entirely re-built which therefore means it is fully compliant with earthquake proof building requirements thus should be one of the safer areas if lightning strikes twice so to speak. Kobe also has an earthquake museum which may provide w=me with some valuable insight and education.

I have slotted Kobe into day 2 of our Osaka stay and have scheduled visits to Nakinmachi (Chinatown in Japan) which is great for food, the Kirin Beer Park tour and the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery along with the museum. I would love to try and get out to Arima Onsen 9natural hot springs in a picturesque area) but I think its going to be too much of a trek for a day trip and we will be doing something similar in Tokyo when we visit Hakone although that day trip will include Mount Fuji views.

Is there anything else I should know about in Kobe?

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