Thursday, September 29, 2011

Long overdue

Considering its Thursday and my birthday was Saturday, my update has been long overdue but the photos should be well worth the wait.

Just to recap quickly, it was an eighties theme (dress up as a character or in the fashion dress code) and I ended up going as Rainbow Brite, my favourite childhood cartoon. Sinde note: I am amazed at how many people haven't heard of Rainbow Brite ... even M had no idea who she was. Deprived children I'm sure.

Everyone made the effort to dress up as you can see by the photos below and the Top Gun couple even re-enacted Tom Cruise' karaoke serenade:

Lots of fun was had by all (with too much champagne consumed by me), so much so that I ended up with a badly bruised foot and a broken toe, compliments of my brother and a balloon weight.

1 comment:

  1. haha what a great night! i love that everyone got in the spirit! Super Mario is my fave :)

    You looked AWESOME! I want to have a dress up party just so I can go as Rainbow Brite! (the blasphemy that some people don't know who she is?!?)