Thursday, September 8, 2011

Itinerary planning

In the spirit of 'moving forward' and thanks to the supportive comments from Reezy, Sammie & Missy, I have been researching things to do in Japan in an effort to get motivated and excited about our upcoming holiday!

Our last trip to Japan was a bit of a 'wing it' exercise given that we left two days after our wedding and with the wedding planning, not a lot of effort went into actually itinerising (not sure if this is even a word) Japan. We just kind of looked up things we wanted to do and decided each day which one to do while we were there.

The good things is, we have mastered the public transport(subway, trains & shinkansen) in both Osaka and Tokyo and this will save a lot of hassle on our return so this time I plan to be a lot more on to it and have spent hours in the past few days looking up Japanican and Japan Guide for recommendations.

As our last Tokyo visit was a write off, we really need to make the most of our time here and between us there is a lot we want to do. We are there for 5 full days and I want to go to Disneyland and/or DisneySea, S wants Tokyo Dome and we both want to visit the man-made islands, Harajuku and the Imperial Gardens.

I have also in my research discovered Hakone. Hakone is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo. Famous for hot springs, outdoor activities, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo.

It sounds pretty fabulous given we both also want to go to hot springs and view Mount Fuji if not actually go up it. Another little plus for Hakone... they have a Premium Outlet mall but don't tell S.

Have you been to Hakone? What other must do/see things are in Tokyo - bear in mind we did go to Asakusa, Ginza and stayed in Shinjuku?

As you can tell, I am starting to warm up to our upcoming adventure (typhoons and earthquakes aside)... or at least trying too :)


  1. Definitely do Disney Sea - it's absolutely incredible! Tokyo Dome is, but not a 'must see' for me. Some fun rides, etc.

    You're going to have so much fun - nothing will happen!!

  2. Thanks Aly, I appreciate the rec and positivity! :)
    DisneySea is my choice too as we have both been to US Disneyland and unfortunately Tokyo Dome City is a must for S as he is a rollercoaster nerd(its a trade off for me shopping).

  3. I think this sounds like a BRILLIANT way to get yourself excited for your trip!
    Never been so can't give you any ideas and tips, but do enjoy!

  4. Oh all this sounds amazing! It def sounds like you're warming to the idea!
    We've only been to Tokyo, I wish we could have seen more but we were only there for a couple of days on the way home from London. D's cousin was living/playing footy there at the time, he was our saviour b/c we had no idea how to speak a word!
    I’d love to go back and see real Japan, outside of the concrete city. The paper houses, cherry blossoms, geisha etc. Memoirs of a Geisha is my all time fave read xx In saying that Tokyo is pretty cool and the food is amazing! You’re going to have a ball!!! Super jealous!