Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the love of little gold men

Yes, I'm talking about the Emmys... or more specifically, the red carpet!

Here are my favourite dresses in no particular order:

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang - that body in vera, how could you go wrong?

Sarah Hyland - so pretty and age appropriate

Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan - wow! what an absolute stunner!

Maria Bello - perfect fit, perfect style, perfect body and very elegant

Kelly Osbourne in J Mendel - I was surprised by how elegant her choice was. Filming The Fashion Police has taught her much obviously.

Kaley Cuoco - she always looks so fun but appropriate

Julieanne Hough in Carolina Herrera - love the colour and how its just a little bit different plus Julieanne is just gorgeous

Julie Bowen in Oscar De La Renta - enough said

Anna Faris - I didn't see this on E last night but I think it photographs well and she looks great

I think my all time faves are Julieanne Hough (she is just stunning and I love that the dress is a little different but still classy) and Nina Dobrev is just perfection.

Side notes: on the E coverage, Kelly Osbourne mentioned that she contacted Marchesa to borrow some dresses as options and they told her they were only dressing one person for the Emmys but they wouldn't tell her who (turned out to be Lea Michelle). Interestingly, Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men was then shown wearing 'da da da dum' Marchesa! maybe they just didn't want Kelly in their clothes?

Also, WTF was going on with Paula Abdul's dress? She looked like she needed someone to grab either side of the front and give it a good yank or twist to straighten it up.

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