Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone's an expert

A funny email I received from my cousin's wife recently that she posted from a group/forum she is part of:

Get him taking Menevit, and you take Elevit. Both of you should cut out alcohol, cigarettes if you smoke, try & limit junk food/preservatives, drink lots of water & exercise every day. You'd be surprised how much that helps. My specialist also said losing 10% bodyweight (for any body type, providing you're not already underweight) actually helps increase your chances. Seeing an osteopath/acupuncturist can also help. If all else fails, go and see a fertility specialist. PM me if you'd like a recommendation.

I was about to write EXACTLY what she wrote.

Have sex and try not to stress bout it

Took us 2-3 yrs to fall but i think we were trying heaps hard and when we stopped worrying it happened naturally. We want another and well i'll just have to relax and not worry to much.

do as she says n dont think about falling as u r disapointing ur self, n making sex a chore..........jus go wit the flow enjoy it dont think is this the time!!!!!.......

It took my Aunt 8yrs to have her first daughter, in the end her Dr told her & her husband to go out, relax, get drunk and enjoy themselves, it worked well for her! Not for everyone though. I myself am going thru a fertility specialist right now who can do so many tests to help figure out what the problem is and explains absolutely everything to you including possible costs for treatments etc

Ive heard that if men where boxers instead of undies is better for spermys as well... But dont stress.. if you start counting days and putting stress on you and hubby then yous wont enjoy enjoying each other... cause once bub comes its all changes!!!

Maybe baby tells you when you are ovulating. Simple to use and money well spent. Get it at chemists

also for the male dont sit on the lounge with the laptop on there lap as the heat kills of sperm....

thats interesting tahnee never heard that before...learn something new everyday lol

yep, lol.........wen we were trying for our 2 children i googled i was told i couldnt have children at all, so i did everything.......

Go to chemist and ask for " maybe baby " it worked for us twice and we were told we would never fall naturally by the docs.. :)

Yeh the big one is try not to think about it, the more u try and get fail results u stress and u body stresses so therefore it gets no where, if that makes sense.

Some ppl make baby making a chore , as soon as a women is ovulating its go time, and I puts u both in a stressful situation where the body reacts to stress and wont do what u want.

My partner had cancer and had a less chance so we got told to buy natures own- zinc tablets. After 3 months we fell.

We did try a 6 months before that.

Now take note, she was pregnant for 6 months before actually discovering she was having a baby - hard to believe I know but absolutely true - and I hadn't previously discussed our plans to conceive with her, had at no time requested any advice and I received this email out of the blue. She means well and we have a very good relationship despite not seeing each other or speaking regularly but how weird.

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  1. I find that so annoying. I'm sorry but I don't know why anyone should be commenting or telling you what to do. GET OUT and stop stalking parenting forums. Her not you.