Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Entourage ... the end (spoilers)

Or is it?

If you don't want to be spoiled for season 8 or the final episode then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

Ok, so for all my fellow spoiler fans still reading, WOW! What a ride season 8 has been with Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and the rest of the crew.

I have been a loyal fan of this show (mostly thanks to S who is addicted to it) throughout the average seasons (think Medellin obsession, Smoke Jumpers and Vince behaving like a total jerk throughout season 7) hoping above hope that things would improve and there would be a return to the fun of early seasons.

Well, season 8 is exactly that. A return to the gang's roots and the best parts of their personality. be warned, its all very perfect and tied with a bow but isn't that what we come to expect from series finales? Not that this is a series finale despite being the last ep with a movie all but officially confirmed.

Season 8 has driven me crazy in that I hassle S to download the latest ep as soon as its played in the US (he often has to remind me that it takes a few hours from it finishing to it coming available - patience is not a strong trait of mine), watch it as soon as it has downloaded (thank goodness for quick internet speed) and then get super sad that I am closer to the series end - very close considering there is only 8 eps in the series and frustratingly each ep is only the standard 20-22 minutes long so its over before you know it (they grudgingly extended the final episode into 30-34 mins - generous I know).

Okay, so enough with my sooking and on to my thoughts...

Episode 1 confused the hell out of me with E & Sloan not together any more and E in charge of the management agency but this was vaguely explained throughout the season. The saddest part of the whole season for me was without doubt, Mrs Ari (her name is revealed: Melissa) breaking up with Ari and starting dating - Ari was crushed but he still had some cracker calls "Yo, GRILL-MASTER! Are you in my fucking house? I got a new show for you, it's called Boy Meets Husband Who Kills Him .' He briefly had a fling with Dana Gordon who I quite liked and I was hoping for them to stay together but it was not to be and with a grand final gesture, Ari quit his job and has moved to Italy although that could be in jeopardy if the movie plans come off as the final scene (after the credits) had him being offered the ultimate job ... God.

The feel of the season was good with the guys all back to normal, the banter back and everyone getting along so it was nice to have the laughter back but it could have been funnier with more Lloyd who although was in key scenes, didn't have role he deserved.

It was great to see Turtle finally make it and become a millionaire, even if it was ultimately thanks to Vince not selling out his and Turtle's vodka Avian shares - it really annoyed me though to see him pandering to those NY users near the end in order to get them to open a restaurant with him.

I was relieved to see Drama finally got a gig - although I was on tenterhooks the whole time waiting for him to self-sabotage. He is such a great character and Kevin Dillon is just the best actor in this role - I have to laugh pretty much everytime he opens his mouth. Side note, S has nicknamed me 'Drama' after this character (which is not terribly flattering).

I was sad E and Sloan were not together this season and really hated the Melinda storyline (really? I just can't see E sleeping with her ex-stepmother) but was shocked silent when Sloan announced her pregnancy in ep 7. It was super cute when Drama and Turtle went to see Sloan and congratulated her on having 'our baby' and it was nice to see old Vince visit and try to convince Sloan to give E another chance. I liked the Sloan/Eric ending as I love their characters and pairing with both very believable in their roles.

I still can't get my head around the Vince/Sofia relationship as I didn't like her character and thought the acting was too wooden and unbelieveable. They tried to make out she was way too serious and smart for Vince but in less than a week, she's watched interviews with all of his exes and is now enroute to Paris to marry him? To quote my favourite 90's It Girl 'As. If!' (Cher from Clueless in case you didn't get the reference).

Like I said, it was all wrapped up nicely with a bow but it finalised everything neatly and in a way that could satisfy me if it really had to end.

Have you seen the finale? What did you think?

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  1. Haha I posted my comments on my blog too - not nearly as nice you though ;) the whole of season 8 disappointed me. Sigh.