Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone's an expert

A funny email I received from my cousin's wife recently that she posted from a group/forum she is part of:

Get him taking Menevit, and you take Elevit. Both of you should cut out alcohol, cigarettes if you smoke, try & limit junk food/preservatives, drink lots of water & exercise every day. You'd be surprised how much that helps. My specialist also said losing 10% bodyweight (for any body type, providing you're not already underweight) actually helps increase your chances. Seeing an osteopath/acupuncturist can also help. If all else fails, go and see a fertility specialist. PM me if you'd like a recommendation.

I was about to write EXACTLY what she wrote.

Have sex and try not to stress bout it

Took us 2-3 yrs to fall but i think we were trying heaps hard and when we stopped worrying it happened naturally. We want another and well i'll just have to relax and not worry to much.

do as she says n dont think about falling as u r disapointing ur self, n making sex a chore..........jus go wit the flow enjoy it dont think is this the time!!!!!.......

It took my Aunt 8yrs to have her first daughter, in the end her Dr told her & her husband to go out, relax, get drunk and enjoy themselves, it worked well for her! Not for everyone though. I myself am going thru a fertility specialist right now who can do so many tests to help figure out what the problem is and explains absolutely everything to you including possible costs for treatments etc

Ive heard that if men where boxers instead of undies is better for spermys as well... But dont stress.. if you start counting days and putting stress on you and hubby then yous wont enjoy enjoying each other... cause once bub comes its all changes!!!

Maybe baby tells you when you are ovulating. Simple to use and money well spent. Get it at chemists

also for the male dont sit on the lounge with the laptop on there lap as the heat kills of sperm....

thats interesting tahnee never heard that before...learn something new everyday lol

yep, lol.........wen we were trying for our 2 children i googled i was told i couldnt have children at all, so i did everything.......

Go to chemist and ask for " maybe baby " it worked for us twice and we were told we would never fall naturally by the docs.. :)

Yeh the big one is try not to think about it, the more u try and get fail results u stress and u body stresses so therefore it gets no where, if that makes sense.

Some ppl make baby making a chore , as soon as a women is ovulating its go time, and I puts u both in a stressful situation where the body reacts to stress and wont do what u want.

My partner had cancer and had a less chance so we got told to buy natures own- zinc tablets. After 3 months we fell.

We did try a 6 months before that.

Now take note, she was pregnant for 6 months before actually discovering she was having a baby - hard to believe I know but absolutely true - and I hadn't previously discussed our plans to conceive with her, had at no time requested any advice and I received this email out of the blue. She means well and we have a very good relationship despite not seeing each other or speaking regularly but how weird.

Sharing is caring

...or maybe just boring. Here are some pictures of my weekend anyway:

my bruised foot and broken toe after my party (excuse the poor state of my pedi, the knee high boots from the night before did nothing for it)

Delicious Glasshouse candles for my birthday

sapphire earrings in my birthstone

Birthday present haul - there was also lots of wine and champagne. Someone randomly got me toys (as in my little pony etc) but they came in handy for baby S' visit this week

Champagne truffle tea - divine!

Playing dress-ups with my mum & sis. We made my mum wear the ball & chain ha ha.

My birthday lunch - Montezumas tostada and taquitos.

Diamond earrings from S to match my engagement ring.

Long overdue

Considering its Thursday and my birthday was Saturday, my update has been long overdue but the photos should be well worth the wait.

Just to recap quickly, it was an eighties theme (dress up as a character or in the fashion dress code) and I ended up going as Rainbow Brite, my favourite childhood cartoon. Sinde note: I am amazed at how many people haven't heard of Rainbow Brite ... even M had no idea who she was. Deprived children I'm sure.

Everyone made the effort to dress up as you can see by the photos below and the Top Gun couple even re-enacted Tom Cruise' karaoke serenade:

Lots of fun was had by all (with too much champagne consumed by me), so much so that I ended up with a badly bruised foot and a broken toe, compliments of my brother and a balloon weight.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spiders & Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

...that's what little boys are made of as the old nursery rhyme says.

I have two little brothers. Well, little is not an accurate description as they both tower over me but I mean little in respect to their ages. One is 28 and the other is 23. They are like chalk and cheese in some ways and exactly alike in others.

Of course I love them both dearly but I am probably closest to my littlest brother as we are the most alike. We share a love of fashion (or maybe we are both just vain), music (all music, any music) and partying ... we are the wild two!

Anyway, I just found this poem that I sent to my littlest brother (but applies to both of my brothers) and thought it would be nice to share with anyone who has brothers:

Life gave me a little brother
to teach me about life.
He loves me,
Aggravates me,
and gives me strength and strife.
Thank goodness for my brother
He is as special as can be
Don't mess with my little brother
- or you'll have to mess with me!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is hilarious

Re-posting from So Beaucoup's Tumblr ( check it out!):

I got bad, broke & beautiful - not sure about the 'beautiful' accuracy ha ha.

For the love of little gold men

Yes, I'm talking about the Emmys... or more specifically, the red carpet!

Here are my favourite dresses in no particular order:

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang - that body in vera, how could you go wrong?

Sarah Hyland - so pretty and age appropriate

Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan - wow! what an absolute stunner!

Maria Bello - perfect fit, perfect style, perfect body and very elegant

Kelly Osbourne in J Mendel - I was surprised by how elegant her choice was. Filming The Fashion Police has taught her much obviously.

Kaley Cuoco - she always looks so fun but appropriate

Julieanne Hough in Carolina Herrera - love the colour and how its just a little bit different plus Julieanne is just gorgeous

Julie Bowen in Oscar De La Renta - enough said

Anna Faris - I didn't see this on E last night but I think it photographs well and she looks great

I think my all time faves are Julieanne Hough (she is just stunning and I love that the dress is a little different but still classy) and Nina Dobrev is just perfection.

Side notes: on the E coverage, Kelly Osbourne mentioned that she contacted Marchesa to borrow some dresses as options and they told her they were only dressing one person for the Emmys but they wouldn't tell her who (turned out to be Lea Michelle). Interestingly, Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men was then shown wearing 'da da da dum' Marchesa! maybe they just didn't want Kelly in their clothes?

Also, WTF was going on with Paula Abdul's dress? She looked like she needed someone to grab either side of the front and give it a good yank or twist to straighten it up.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This was me on Friday

And I expect I will look even worse by this Friday.

I love my job and the people I work with but we have had one HR drama after the next and its really starting to take its toll on me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Morning

None of my recent posts are in an ordered timeline but I'm sure you get the idea.

After a big sleep in on Sunday morning (10am) broken only by my boss calling me with an office 'emergency', S and I set out for brekky at our local coffee club.

I felt kind of sorry for the boy serving us as he seemed to be doing everything (taking orders, cooking in the kitchen and clearing tables) while the 3 young girls behind the counter chatted & watched passing traffic.

Moving forward, here is what we ate:

S stuck with boring old bacon, eggs & tomato with hash browns and hollandaise on the side (for the record, EWWWWW I hate hollandaise, bearnaise and mayo... I also don't drink coffee or any hot drinks - strange I'm told often)

I decided to try the brekky wrap. As you can see, it was HUGE and jam packed. If i was going to find fault, I didn't love their tomato relish and I thought the dressing on the side salad was overkill.

Not a bad brekky though and then we set off to enjoy the sunshine and cheer for my brother in law in his grand final (NRL of course).


This is a pic that I have re-posted from (a great blog if you're interested in fashion and subtle humour):

It was taken by a photographer on September 10 in 1991, ten years and one day prior to the worst terror attack our World has ever witnessed.

Who would have thought ten years prior that those twin towers wouldn't be dominating the skyline a decade later but now, a decade on from 9/11, who remembers what our World was like before terrorism became a very real part of it.

To all the people who died in the tragedy, to all the families still grieving their loved ones and to all our heroes still affected by that day with health and/or mental scars and concerns - we will never forget them/you and their/your sacrifice.

Next stop ...


Well, not actually the next stop but it will be a stop off on our upcoming Japan tour.

Last time when we were in Osaka, we spent a day seeing all the typical tourists sites (every temple, garden, palace and attraction possible) and did a day trip to Hiroshima so this time around with 3 days to kill, I have decided we should visit Kobe for the day. Just a half hour train ride from Osaka and the most popular region for Sake distilleries and the Kirin Beer Brewery, S wasn't hard to convince either.

Kobe is also the scene of one of the World's most devastating earthquakes - the city was leveled in 1994 - so it seems like a strange choice on my part to visit however I am reassured by the fact that the city was entirely re-built which therefore means it is fully compliant with earthquake proof building requirements thus should be one of the safer areas if lightning strikes twice so to speak. Kobe also has an earthquake museum which may provide w=me with some valuable insight and education.

I have slotted Kobe into day 2 of our Osaka stay and have scheduled visits to Nakinmachi (Chinatown in Japan) which is great for food, the Kirin Beer Park tour and the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery along with the museum. I would love to try and get out to Arima Onsen 9natural hot springs in a picturesque area) but I think its going to be too much of a trek for a day trip and we will be doing something similar in Tokyo when we visit Hakone although that day trip will include Mount Fuji views.

Is there anything else I should know about in Kobe?

Entourage ... the end (spoilers)

Or is it?

If you don't want to be spoiled for season 8 or the final episode then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

Ok, so for all my fellow spoiler fans still reading, WOW! What a ride season 8 has been with Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and the rest of the crew.

I have been a loyal fan of this show (mostly thanks to S who is addicted to it) throughout the average seasons (think Medellin obsession, Smoke Jumpers and Vince behaving like a total jerk throughout season 7) hoping above hope that things would improve and there would be a return to the fun of early seasons.

Well, season 8 is exactly that. A return to the gang's roots and the best parts of their personality. be warned, its all very perfect and tied with a bow but isn't that what we come to expect from series finales? Not that this is a series finale despite being the last ep with a movie all but officially confirmed.

Season 8 has driven me crazy in that I hassle S to download the latest ep as soon as its played in the US (he often has to remind me that it takes a few hours from it finishing to it coming available - patience is not a strong trait of mine), watch it as soon as it has downloaded (thank goodness for quick internet speed) and then get super sad that I am closer to the series end - very close considering there is only 8 eps in the series and frustratingly each ep is only the standard 20-22 minutes long so its over before you know it (they grudgingly extended the final episode into 30-34 mins - generous I know).

Okay, so enough with my sooking and on to my thoughts...

Episode 1 confused the hell out of me with E & Sloan not together any more and E in charge of the management agency but this was vaguely explained throughout the season. The saddest part of the whole season for me was without doubt, Mrs Ari (her name is revealed: Melissa) breaking up with Ari and starting dating - Ari was crushed but he still had some cracker calls "Yo, GRILL-MASTER! Are you in my fucking house? I got a new show for you, it's called Boy Meets Husband Who Kills Him .' He briefly had a fling with Dana Gordon who I quite liked and I was hoping for them to stay together but it was not to be and with a grand final gesture, Ari quit his job and has moved to Italy although that could be in jeopardy if the movie plans come off as the final scene (after the credits) had him being offered the ultimate job ... God.

The feel of the season was good with the guys all back to normal, the banter back and everyone getting along so it was nice to have the laughter back but it could have been funnier with more Lloyd who although was in key scenes, didn't have role he deserved.

It was great to see Turtle finally make it and become a millionaire, even if it was ultimately thanks to Vince not selling out his and Turtle's vodka Avian shares - it really annoyed me though to see him pandering to those NY users near the end in order to get them to open a restaurant with him.

I was relieved to see Drama finally got a gig - although I was on tenterhooks the whole time waiting for him to self-sabotage. He is such a great character and Kevin Dillon is just the best actor in this role - I have to laugh pretty much everytime he opens his mouth. Side note, S has nicknamed me 'Drama' after this character (which is not terribly flattering).

I was sad E and Sloan were not together this season and really hated the Melinda storyline (really? I just can't see E sleeping with her ex-stepmother) but was shocked silent when Sloan announced her pregnancy in ep 7. It was super cute when Drama and Turtle went to see Sloan and congratulated her on having 'our baby' and it was nice to see old Vince visit and try to convince Sloan to give E another chance. I liked the Sloan/Eric ending as I love their characters and pairing with both very believable in their roles.

I still can't get my head around the Vince/Sofia relationship as I didn't like her character and thought the acting was too wooden and unbelieveable. They tried to make out she was way too serious and smart for Vince but in less than a week, she's watched interviews with all of his exes and is now enroute to Paris to marry him? To quote my favourite 90's It Girl 'As. If!' (Cher from Clueless in case you didn't get the reference).

Like I said, it was all wrapped up nicely with a bow but it finalised everything neatly and in a way that could satisfy me if it really had to end.

Have you seen the finale? What did you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Help

My dad was away this weekend in Perth so I decided to take my mum to the movies on Friday night to see The Help - I knew it was a movie she would enjoy more than S :)

Friday afternoon, I logged in to buy tickets online at Event Cinemas Robina and was again shocked at the price of cinema tickets - $17.50 per person. I always ask when I buy tickets, when did the movies get so expensive. S usually buys our tickets which is probably why I'm always surprised by the price when I have to buy them.

Anyways, considering the price, I decided to check Gold Class ticket prices also - they were $39 pp at Robina but only $20 pp at Southport. WTF? Same facilities and seats etc but half the price of Robina and only $2.50 more than regular seating at Robina. Given my poor mum has recently undergone hip surgery plus she has never been to gold class, I decided to book tickets at Southport and spoil her a little.

She was very impressed we had our own lobby, could order wine and she loved the seats.

Based on the book of the same name, mum and I both loved the movie. It was beautiful in some parts, inspiring and very sad at times. It showed both sides of the story, both the cruelty of white people and the beauty of them. The characters and the actors playing them were very real and believable with my favourite performances by Sissy Spacek, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard and Allison Janney. Emma Stone was also great but the other 4 women stole the movie for me.

The movie was set in the 1960's in Jackson, Mississippi and started with the return to town of society girl, Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan from college. determined to become a respected writer and not willing to sit by and accept the status quo, Skeeter convices 'the help' to talk to her about their experiences taking care of white families. In the process, she turns the entire town upside down.

It horrified mum and I to see how in those times, coloured people were good enough to raise white children, hug them, feed them, dress them but not good enough to use the household bathroom or touch a white adult. It made me sad to see how much of their lives 'the help' invested in their bosses lives only to be treated like dirt.

I was especially moved by the lesson that Abileen taught her little charge each day - 'I am kind, I am smart, I am important'. What a beautiful mantra to inspire in a child and something I would like to instill in my child someday.

An inspiring movie that made me want to do more and say more to make a difference in the world. It only takes the courage of one person to plant the seeds of change.

Can't wait to read the book now.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Itinerary planning

In the spirit of 'moving forward' and thanks to the supportive comments from Reezy, Sammie & Missy, I have been researching things to do in Japan in an effort to get motivated and excited about our upcoming holiday!

Our last trip to Japan was a bit of a 'wing it' exercise given that we left two days after our wedding and with the wedding planning, not a lot of effort went into actually itinerising (not sure if this is even a word) Japan. We just kind of looked up things we wanted to do and decided each day which one to do while we were there.

The good things is, we have mastered the public transport(subway, trains & shinkansen) in both Osaka and Tokyo and this will save a lot of hassle on our return so this time I plan to be a lot more on to it and have spent hours in the past few days looking up Japanican and Japan Guide for recommendations.

As our last Tokyo visit was a write off, we really need to make the most of our time here and between us there is a lot we want to do. We are there for 5 full days and I want to go to Disneyland and/or DisneySea, S wants Tokyo Dome and we both want to visit the man-made islands, Harajuku and the Imperial Gardens.

I have also in my research discovered Hakone. Hakone is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo. Famous for hot springs, outdoor activities, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo.

It sounds pretty fabulous given we both also want to go to hot springs and view Mount Fuji if not actually go up it. Another little plus for Hakone... they have a Premium Outlet mall but don't tell S.

Have you been to Hakone? What other must do/see things are in Tokyo - bear in mind we did go to Asakusa, Ginza and stayed in Shinjuku?

As you can tell, I am starting to warm up to our upcoming adventure (typhoons and earthquakes aside)... or at least trying too :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soon I will be 30

and I had every intention of having a lovely and oh so elegant birthday party featuring a white theme in a gorgeous waterfront mansion.

Fast forward to the real world where S and I have decided to limit expenditure on my party given we have his sister's wedding immediately following then off to Japan two weeks later.

With this in mind I have had to scale back all my past ideas and come up with a new venue, theme, outfit ...

My party will now be held at an oceanfront venue (sounds like an upgrade I know but really, its just the surf club my family has been involved with since I was 5) and the theme after much thought (and a big vote from my dad) is now ... THE EIGHTIES!

The reasoning? According to my father its perfect as I was born in the 80's, love love love the music and its fun ... my last 'fun' party till I am a REAL grownup. Its also proven popular with my guests who are excited about pulling out the crimper and blue eyeshadow and the guys have been just as enthusiastic with the teenage mutant ninja turtles and karate kid being tossed around as dress-up possibilities.

I'm actually really looking forward to it despite the 180 in plans and have arranged the food, designed an invite (a pdf of a pink cassette background with fluro writing), booked lightning and music and now am working on a costume.

I can't decide whether to go as a character from the 80's ie. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake or to just go as Madonna or all out with legwarmers, fluro and a bubble skirt. Thoughts?

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Dilemna

I have nowhere else to really vent my dilemna so if you choose to read this post, please don't judge me or think I am a spoilt brat, its just something I need to get off my chest.

S and I are due to head back to Japan in October for 10 days given that our first trip aka the honeymoon, was marred by The Earthquake (I still think of it in captial letters). If you are a long time reader of this blog then you will know that S and I were in Tokyo for all of 20 minutes when The Earthquake struck. It was pretty traumatic time for us (and the Japanese people obviously) and we ended up cutting our trip short and coming home 5 days early.

S and I loved the Japan and absolutely everything about it - the people, the scenery, the food, the customs ... its all so wonderful. We were so disappointed to leave however with everything in Tokyo closed, rolling blackouts and a nuclear threat, it wasn't fair for us to stay and put extra pressure on a country grieving and trying to recover in addition to causing stress and worry to our family by staying.

S and I both agreed on our return that we would go back to Japan some day and finish what we started. So me in all my wisdom jumping the gun, booked flights during a sale in early May to head back in October thinking all would have settled and this would be great timing.

Well now peoples, I AM FREAKING OUT! In that past few weeks there have been earthquakes in the US and Pacific Islands, hurricanes and tropical storms all over along with ongoing aftershocks and a typhoon in Japan this past weekend. My inlaws were also particularly helpful, screening a doco about the Japan earthquake featuring experts predicting that the biggest was yet to come. Don't get me wrong, they meant well but its not really the kind of viewing I need right now is it?

So I hadn't realised until now that I haven't really faced how much experiencing The Earthquake affected me since being home. I still have some nightmares occasionally and experience a little anxiety but didn't think this was too major given what a terrifying experience it was and that at the time, I was sure S and I were going to die - I know this sounds dramatic but it truly was my experience and one I even emailed my sis about not long after The Earthquake.

Our holiday for October is all booked and paid for including accommodation in Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto but I am feeling like I really really don't want to go. I am near tears everytime I think about being back in Japan and I know I will not cope well if there is any ground shaking while I am there.

My dilemna is that we will lose a substantial amount of money to cancel (obviously my travel insurance is not going to cover me being a fraidy cat) but more importantly, S is so excited about it and feeling no anxiety at all so I feel bad to dampen his enthusiasm especially as I was the one who booked the holiday and pushed for it in the first place. I know he will cancel if I tell him how anxious I am but I don't want to spoil things for him and regret not going. I also don't want to let one experience cause me to fear travelling and seeing the world.

So what do I do... do I suck it up and go and possibly have a wonderful time or do I give into my fear and stay home disappointing S?

Put like that, I can see a pretty clear answer but I guess I just need reassurance and I don't want to worry my family by talking about this. Thanks for reading my vent, it feels a little better to at least put my feelings out there.