Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weekend

It always goes too quickly, especially when I have lots on and lots to do and the weekend just gone was no exception.

The weather was a mixed bunch on the GC with Saturday being a miserable rainy day that only got worse as it wore on while Sunday was perfect, sunny and warm with clear blue skies.

With lots to achieve on Saturday I didn't let the rain keep me indoors and here are some pics of what I got up to:

Homemade BLT with a twist - add avo, sundried tomato mustard or fresh aioli and haloumi

Fresh Stanthorpe apple juice (cloudy & clear) from the farmer's markets

Little Red Riding Hood - my market bag brimming with fresh goodies (it was a gift from my inlaws and I love it)

New tulips from the markets - aren't they gorgeous? I woke up Sunday to find the buds all opening.

Daffodils in support of the Cancer Council's Daffodil Day - I also took some to my grandparents' grave early Saturday morning as is my tradition.

Heart attack on a plate - Montezuma's cheese/olive/capsicum enchilada and beef burrito. I never even get through half and the rice goes untouched.

I also had lunch with my sis, her husband Bil and my dad then K and I went shopping for M's birthday present but I can't share the details here as she sometimes reads the blog. I'm pretty confident it will be a hit though so fingers crossed.

Ever the bargain hunter, K directed me to the baby's section of DJs where they had cot sheets (flat & fitted) along with pillow cases for half price. Now I'm not pregnant but she convinced me that a set for $17 was too cheap to pass up - don't tell S I bought baby sheets.

As we were on a roll with baby stuff, I also bought a children's book I heard about during the week. Its called Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and is something I will definitely read to my child in the future.

Saturday night, C, l and baby s stayed over so we had delicious Ipoh Satay House takeaway (Chinese, Malay, Thai fusion) and watched Arthur with Russell Brandt. It was a disappointing movie and I think the boys both fell asleep 20 minutes into it.

Sunday I forgot to take any pics as usual but with S at work, I went to brunch with C, L and baby S then for a stroll around Pacific Fair before heading home to relax before we all went South to C's sister N's house for her daughter T's 5th birthday - a lovely afternoon spent with family and friends.

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  1. ohh that book made me cry, even as a kid! my mum would read it to be and we'd both end up having a bit of a teary moment. it's a really beautiful book though :)