Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taking all the help we can get

So as previously mentioned, S and I are feeling super clucky and would be thrilled to be blessed with a bubba anytime in the near future.

We are not actively 'trying' as such just yet because we do have quite a lot on between now and the end of the year (S' sister's wedding that we are both in, a return to Japan, my 30th amongst other things) but we are taking the recommended vitamins/supplements and no precautions against me falling pregnant.

Some of my close girlfriends are aware of our 'non trying' and are quite desperate for me to join their ranks of motherhood. So much so that one gorgeous girlfriend who struggled through 6 years of IVF before resigning herself to not having children, gifted me with her special weapon over the weekend.

This is a hand carved stone fertility God that was made in the Solomon Islands and blessed by the local spiritual/tribe leader. It was gifted to her by a native Solomon Islander friend of theirs and believe it or not, she and her husband now have two beautiful children with doctors still trying to figure out how she even fell pregnant once.

Its not the prettiest statue but I'm willing to give it a go considering its track record (plus how thoughtful of my friend to gift it to us now she has her matched set).

It now has pride of place on my bedside table.

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