Monday, August 22, 2011

Spending and Saving...again

Bit of an oxymoron I know but I never fail to get suckered in by Country Road's Spend and Save. The sad thing is, I know I'm totally getting suckered - I am an advertiser and marketer's dream.

I had done the right thing and convinced myself there was nothing I needed when I first received my S & S, even going so far as to offer it to M so I couldn't be tempted to use it.

Well as the expiry drew closer and M failed to use it, I found myself reasoning that it shouldn't go to waste and I started browsing the Country Road internet site in earnest for practical clothes I could justify purchasing if S queried me on buying more clothes.

I ended up with the following:

in navy cotton - cannot tell you how much I love these!

the stripey green white and blue t shirt

My justification is that I NEED casual clothes (cause I won't wear jeans) that are still appropriate for the cooler weather but not heavy warm clothes. Also I figure the outfit will come in handy for playing tourist again in Japan in October where the weather will still be a little cool. Not sure if S will buy in to my reasoning but too bad, he bought 4 pairs of shoes so i don't think he's in a position to judge me :)

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