Monday, August 15, 2011

Shopping Tribulations

Shopping with a two year old is trying at the best of times I learnt on Sunday, especially when the two year old's mummy is not in attendance so its up to me to supervise.

Actually, getting a two year old ready for shopping is also trying.

I babysat baby S on Saturday and Sunday so that C and L could have a night out and some time to themselves. Baby S was wonderfully behaved, very entertaining and an absolute delight to look after apart from one small spat on Sunday morning when we were getting ready to go shopping.

She is a very clever child and quite strong willed so I laid out her day's outfit before showering her knowing this would limit her input thus any conflict. Wrong! She decided she only wanted to wear the pink top she had worn and played in all day Saturday while I had chosen a different coral coloured top for her to wear. After trying to reason with her I finally had to put the pink top on top of our fridge (out of sight out of mind) and let her choose from the 3 in her bag and she came up with her outdoor playclothes/painting top that I thought made her look like a prisoner.

This is her in her prison top wearing S' Air Jordans (dont you love the pose?). I think she looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt here:

So we headed off to the shops and I bought her her favourite item, a pack of lip smackers for being such a good girl (to which she stroked my face and replied that I was a good girl too awwwwww). After that, feeling especially loved, I also spotted some children's t-shirts and picked out a pink and white striped one for her too which she went crazy over and proceeded to try and strip immediately so she could wear it - too cute.

After getting her goodies, she just wanted to leave (and also be carried exhausting) so I had time to grab this top from Country Road (baby S in the change room pulling the curtain open meant I wasn't game enough to try anything else) and some french pear Ecoya melts from DJs before my shopping came to an abrupt end:


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  2. Omg she is so adorable! That pose is the cutest!