Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My (ambitious) birthday list

Now I know most of the items on here are pretty ambitious requests but hey, its my 30th so I'm allowed to be a little bit bold if it helps relieve some of the trauma of hitting the big THREE OOOOOH.

1. Christian Louboutins: I'm not fussy, I will happily accept red, black or nude patent pigalles, pigalle platos, simples or decolletes

2. A crisp new quilt cover set in white

3. Prada baroque sunglasses

4. A trilby hat from Country Road or similar

5. A colourful Country Road cotton scarf

6. Personalised stationery

7. Diamond huggie earrings

8. Various Glasshouse candles: especially Bora Bora, Versaille and Miami

9. Delicate gold necklace

10. Pretty flats/sandals for Spring/Summer in neutrals and black

11. A Kitchen Aid: any colour but pink

12. A Seafolly beach coverup dress

13. Spring/Summer dresses and navy shorts - not too particular about these as I haven't seen any I love so vouchers would be safest

14. DKNY patterned tights

15. Loose fitting tees in black, white, navy and/or patterns

16. Black boyfriend blazer or Ralph Lauren crested blazer

17. Gossip Girl 3 dvd set

18. Books/magazines: Bossypants by Tina fey, Harry Potter 5 and 6, Donna Hay magazine subscription

19. OPI Blushingham Palace, Big Apple, Chicago champagne toast, Lincoln park after dark

20. Ruffled orange and lime lounge cushions (see old posts for pics)

21. A new bike - cruiser style (see old posts for pics)

22. A bottle of Chanel No. 5: still haven't replaced the bottle I lost to the quake in Japan

23. Bib necklaces - J Crew, Kate Spade style

24. This Alexander McQueen dress: I know, totally dreaming now
25. A cape in beige or navy: we're coming in to Spring but this will be useful for Japan in Oct

26. Mimco Kimono headband

27. An Alannah Hill I Love You frock in red or navy: unlikely as its from forever ago but I just had to retire my existing one :(

28. Some macarons: I still can't find anywhere locally that sells them

29. DVDs: Harry Potter 1,2,3 &4, The Blind Side, Just Go With It, Heathers

30. A Missoni cardi, beach towel, throw rug... I'm not fussy, really

So, that about sums it up.
If you know anybody who knows me IRL and has been invited to my party, direct them to this blog before September 24 :)

Seriously though, I love to make lists (and dream obviously as per the above) but in these hard economic times and with all the awful news around the World, I would be happy to just celebrate with the company of all my loved ones on my birthday and keep saving to buy these things myself!


  1. Great list! Put in an order for double of everything and send them to me!!!
    I wish I could have come up with a list like that when it was my 30th... Damn... only about to turn 32 now.

  2. Will send you any double-ups Sammie :)