Monday, August 1, 2011

Hypnotised by Hpnotiq?

Reporting back on my Friday afternoon post relating to the Hpnotiq mission, I hightailed it to Dan Murphy's at 5pm and there it was, the original Hpnotiq sitting on the shelf under the liqueur sign. No trace of the Harmonie version but considering its only just been released in the US, these things take time... like movies, S is dying to see Horrible Bosses that has been open in the US for a while now but still not released here ... anyway, that's another story and I'm getting off topic.

So, there was Hpnotiq sitting on the shelf surrounded by surprisingly low stocks - according to the girl who served me at the register, its pretty popular stuff. If that's the case though, how on earth did it escape my notice?

After doing my research on the Hpnotiq website, I also snapped up a bottle of Yellowglen Pinot Noir Chardonnay as a mixer.

Saturday afternoon came the test when C called over and we settled on the back deck in the sunshine to sample the goods.

I quite enjoyed the tropical fruity flavour of Hpnotiq and the Pinot bubbles were a good balance for the sweetness of the liqueur (not sickly sweet but still a little sweeter than I usually like). C and I agreed it was nothing super special I guess but a pleasant change to my usual drinks... I think it would work particularly well in summer to flavour alcoholic slushies.

On the flip side, my mum was not a fan at all and she has a much sweeter palate than me.

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