Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friend's with benefits

I have never experienced one of these 'thoroughly modern' and apparently mutually beneficial relationships for many reasons but particularly because in my books, they're just too messy! Someone is always more invested, sex complicates things and everyone ends up hurt.

However, if the movies are to be believed, one of these relationships is also the perfect way to discover your true love... or not.

S took me to the movies last night and even allowed me to choose the movie. He was pushing Planet of the Apes which I actually wouldn't mind seeing but the lure of Friends with Benefits won (I'm a sucker for a romcom every time).

Well, I wasn't disappointed and neither was S. JT was great (which surprised me for some reason but perhaps cause I haven't seen a movie with him acting till now: nope, I didn't see The Social Network) and Mila was just brilliant (funny, sarcastic, a little bit crazy and very sweet). I also loved the rest of the cast including Jenna Elfman and Richard Jenkins but especially Woody Harrelson as the gay work colleague and Patricia Clarkson as Mila's mum.

A very entertaining movie to see with the girls or even with your boy as mine got plenty of laughs out of it.

Next on the list to see, One Day with my mum and sis - and Sam, I heard a rumour you read the blog so if you do and would like to join us to see this one let K know :)

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