Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am slowly getting around to cleaning out my wardrobes... yep, plural much to S' disgust but really quite standard in my books, especially if you frequent the Vogue forums (those girls work wonders in making my shopping/clothing/accessories/beauty product obsessions seem perfectly normal <3

I managed to sell a favourite black Cue peplum dress to a girl at work, give C a few bits, my mum scored a few Herringbone shirts (much to my sis' K's disgust as she tells me she wanted them) and now have the remaining items to list on ebay.
I love to shop on ebay but hate the hassle of selling on ebay.
You know, the photographing, downloading of photos, writing a description, monitoring the listing and answering questions, following up the buyer, waiting on payment, packaging and posting then feedback ... but I still can't deny its usefulness in raising cash for more shopping (plus I have my own paypal account which means I can use the money to shop without telling S lol).

So far I am selling a dress I bought from ASOS - love this dress but never wore it as it was slightly too big and I didn't return it in time:

This blue bandage dress from the UK in Herve Leger style with the genuine heavy fabric used - bought it to see if the bandage style actually flattered me and to check the sizing before investing in the real deal:

Now that they are listed, I am inspired to do more clearing when I get home.

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